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Editor’s First Look – Action-Packed Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Aug 12, 2018: Terrestrial Magic follows Jordan as she and her scientific team try to document legendary animals that have begun to reappear in the world, outside of heavily protected human settlements. The author does a good job of setting her world’s information up without a lot of exposition, and sinks the reader right into some interesting action at the beginning.

The setting she uses, wilderness outside of Rome that’s peppered with ruins, is interesting in and of itself, and then we get to [more . . .]

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Delusional "Superhero" (Like Don Quixote or The Tick) Saves a Hospital

By ArtNJ, member

Jul 24, 2018: This is intended as a humor-driven adventure, with a physically normal but highly delusional man dressing as a Pinata and imagining himself to be a great hero. The author could have been inspired by Don Quixote or The Tick—like those heroes, the "Mighty Pinata" is highly delusional, but noble in an comic booky kind of way. The Mighty Pinata interrupts some sort of caper of the Crustacean Conglomerate as they take over a hospital and fights back ala Die Hard/Mall Cop. In the 19 posted chapters, I don’t think I [more . . .]

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The Trials of Becoming a YouTuber

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 22, 2018: Beneath Her Makeup is a funny, slice-of-life look at a young woman, Desiree, who upon getting fired from a high-powered accounting job, takes the opportunity to follow her passion – beauty vlogging.

I thought the author’s use of first person was well chosen for the story, and it made the tales of Desiree’s scrambles to set up her channel on a shoestring, and the sometimes disastrous attempts at collaboration with others, to feel as if I was really there, an immediacy [more . . .]

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Black and White

By McQueenSerialFantasy, author of Exiles

Jul 20, 2018: What can I say?

Touch is a good read but also a puzzling one, combining themes and narratives that aren’t ordinarily seen side-by-side. The result is a complex experience, which is both good and bad.

The story is well composed and the writing is solid, a huge plus point because the story itself is incredibly dense, particularly at an emotional level, and craftsmanship errors would have resulted in a big problem. The [more . . .]

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Not worth it

By Bobthebuilder, member

Jul 17, 2018: Aparently im a glutton for punishment, as I read about 80 chapters of this. The premise is incredibley interesting. Super powerful alien decides to conquer world to save it from humans. Begins by growing up as a human himself, and learns to deal with human emotions. Also the entire world/universe domination thing. The mechanics and scope of the abilities, creatures, and technologies the writer comes up with are pretty cool too. Some are genuinely entertaining.

The issue comes forom the sheer [more . . .]

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A very well written story, a barely enjoyable read.

By Zethuron, member

Jul 16, 2018: This is more like, what if you were Omnipotent? What would you do in that case?

First of all, this is a really complex story, where everything is only explained around the end with there being many hints during the novel, the problem is that those hints are very hard to notice at first, and without knowing those hints, some parts of the story later on get harder to understand.

Here we [more . . .]

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Daunting, Daring, Dark Fantasy

By Megajoule, author of Inheritors

Jul 12, 2018: Full disclosure: this was done as part of a review swap, but I always endeavor to be honest.

Vorrgistadt Saga is dark fantasy with no cream or sugar, it is daring in its willingness to kill characters you sympathize with, and, both to its benefit and its detriment, it is a daunting read.

The Saga reminds me of a classic D&D adventure, especially the first episode, and as I am a huge [more . . .]

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First Impression, Fun

By LadyAnder, author of Hy'Ruh-Ha

Jul 5, 2018: This review is written in the perspective as a dyslexic reader as well as a first impression review. If you don’t know what that means, I’m basing my review off the first several chapter of a novel. Normally 5-10 chapter. This time I read to ch.12 because I have no self-control.

I like to mention I have a dislike of urban fantasy. Of all the fantasy sub-genres out there, urban fantasy annoys me the most in that is has to adhere [more . . .]

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Gothic Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jun 30, 2018: Ghostbow is a tale told in retrospect. Our narrator, Anaya, leads us through the story of how she won a place in a family-type group of fighters, and later loses them as the result of a war. We go back and forth between her memories of her time with her friends and the memories of what happened to her after she’d lost everyone, where her story takes a very different turn.

I wasn’t sure if the way the tale was told [more . . .]

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Extra Dark Roast

By Shaeor, author of Chosen Shackles

Jun 18, 2018: This review was done as part of a swap.

The first thing I would say is that Existential Terror and Breakfast is a strong departure from the YA tropes that generally pervade web fiction.

Malcolm Steadman is absolutely front and center of a small cast, here. Punctuations are counted down over the course of the story to add ambient pressure and a sense of direction. But this story may lack the urgency [more . . .]

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Soft but fun, unique Lit-RPG

By linkret, member

Jun 11, 2018: So, this won’t be a long review, since I’m lazy. I found the title while randomly looking for interesting stuff to read. It’s a different take on the VR gaming Lit-RPG idea that’s gotten so cliche. The English is good, and I haven’t found a single spelling mistake so far. The story updates on a weekly basis, at 1.5k words on average. I’m writing this after I’ve read the first 21 chapters, and concluded that the story deserved a review. Light spoilers ahead:

[more . . .]

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Deep Story with strong World-building

By shou kouyou, member

Jun 10, 2018: In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll state here that this review was done as part of a review swap, but it also reflects my honest opinion on the story.

I will try to keep this review spoiler-free as I understand that many people look at reviews to decide whether or not they want to start a story, so . . . yeah.

Without further ado, lets jump into the ‘goods’, the ‘bads’ and the ‘mixed’ [more . . .]


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