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A fun and exciting read

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Nov 10, 2014: I normally like to begin these reviews with a summary of the story, but the complex narrative layering of The Gods are Bastards makes it unfair to attempt a summary. What I can say is that this story combines the adventure of old dime-novel westerns, the political intrigue of epic science fiction, the awkwardness and fun of classic school stories, and the eccentricities of Greek mythology all wrapped up in its own unique fantastical world.

What most impressed me about this [more . . .]

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Unconventional and intriguing.

By Dennis N. Santana, author of The Solstice War

Nov 1, 2014: Twisted Cogs is an alternate universe fantasy inspired by the art culture and societies of 16th century Italy during the Renaissance. It tells the story of a girl named Elena who comes from a family best described as big fishes in a very small pond. As she seeks an apprenticeship from a renowned artisan, she discovers how complicated the world beyond the countryside really is—and the reader discovers alongside her.

The world of Twisted Cogs features supernaturally-gifted people known as "Stormtouched." [more . . .]

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Starting to Climb

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Oct 24, 2014: Jumping Rings is a little hard to describe. The title comes from the setting. A very class heavy, almost caste-like, fantasy world. A city is divided into 10 "rings" with the innermost being the wealthiest and the outer most being the poorest. There are a few terms that are hard to follow at first. Most of these deal with gender, (male female or neutral) but it’s not completely clear whether that’s down to a physical difference or a difference in identity.

[more . . .]

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Seagrave’s Bizzare Adventure

By SnowyMystic, author of Fabled Hearts

Oct 19, 2014: Before we get in the meat of this review, it should be noted that the author of Seagrave’s Journey had things happen in their life that made updating problematic. At the time of this review, it seems that the author has begun writing again. So, there is some hope that it will have consistent updates. I am however perhaps being a bit optimistic. A minor gripe is that the site is a bit slow to load on my netbook, which bodes badly for phones and tablets.

[more . . .]

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A Strong Start

By Mandragons, member

Oct 17, 2014: Set in an alternate universe, Citadel starts us off with a time-honored classic; by throwing us in the deep end. I personally found it a bit tricky to follow in the first couple posts, there has been very little worldbuilding. Most of what I do know now had to be picked up as I went along. But don’t let that dissuade you. Citadel is still a newborn, and just needs time to blossom.

As previously stated, Citadel is set in a [more . . .]

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A nicely written frontier fantasy

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 12, 2014: "The Marshal cursed and squeezed the switches on both his wands; their muted click was lost in a tremendous CRACK as bolts of lightning sprang from the tips . . . ."

This engaging tale set in a fantasy world’s magic-based Industrial Revolution quickly caught my interest. It’s well written, and full of imaginative and intriguing details like the magical Rail trip (I prefer the mechanical version!), and a professor’s explanation of the difference between objective (physics) and subjective (magic) actions on energy and [more . . .]

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Gritty war story with a hint of something more.

By Alexander.Hollins, author of Reflections of the Shadows: A Leader of Men

Oct 12, 2014: I am greatly enjoying Solstice War, but I have to start out saying. Things and people get shot, blown up, and covered in gore. This is like watching stock war footage of combat.

That said, it’s well written stock footage. Designations and descriptions of equipment help accentuate the setting, rather than overrunning the scene as so many military fictions have done. An alternate history of sorts, the technology of the day is very World War two, the warfare mortar and [more . . .]

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No title

By Wildbow, author of Pact

Oct 12, 2014: It’s a safe bet that a five second look at The New Sentinels will allow you to pass a verdict. To date, the story is consistent in being what it is.

What is it? New Sentinels is a rather campy take on superheroes, almost more campy than the old Adam West batman series. There’s a twist though.

It’s told via. tweets.

Rather than [more . . .]

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It’s fun to read

By Taulsn, author of Overwatch

Oct 12, 2014: At the time of me writing this The Gods are Bastards is up to chapter 2-1. I’ll do my best but there might be minor spoilers.

If you have read Tales of MU, then The Gods are Bastards will feel familiar to start with. At least initially, the cast is similar, and the main setting (at this point) seems to be a college campus. However it is in no way a copy of MU, almost immediately going in a very different [more . . .]

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Dark heroics for dark times

By D. D. Webb, author of The Gods are Bastards

Oct 8, 2014: Savannah Crest is a teenage girl with a crush on Paragon, the greatest superhero in the world. Not coincidentally, she happens to be the only person who knows how and why Paragon was murdered, and who did it. It’s not as if she can do much with this information, however, given the enemies she would make in the process. In the course of Savvy’s quest to get answers and find justice for her slain hero, she is drawn deeper into the world of heroes and villains . . . 

[more . . .]

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I wish there was more!

By D. D. Webb, author of The Gods are Bastards

Oct 8, 2014: The Firestarter in question is Molly, a teenage wizard with a load of psychological baggage and an urgent need to make ends meet which compels her to take on some rather shady work from even shadier individuals. It’s for that reason that we first meet her in the opening steps of what becomes a catastrophic showdown in an Atlanta airport.

This story is really, really promising. It does a brilliant job of setting up tension and then paying it off with [more . . .]

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By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Oct 7, 2014: This is a brand new story (only 20 posts so far) and relatively short. That means that in order to say anything about what’s there, I’m gonna have to SPOIL a little bit. So, SPOILER ALERT. Okay, with that said, what’s there is a bit of a mixed bag.

Alex is a teenager murdered when he interrupts 2 burglars in his home. There’s no indication that this is part of some grand plot although that could pop later. Because of a [more . . .]