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Apply today for the Vigilantes Make Us Safe act!™

By AdmiralMonkeyman, member

Nov 2, 2018: I will be referring to Vigilantes Make Us Safe as VMUS for short.

Serenity takes place in an anarchistic society where anyone may brandish their own form of justice.

Vigilantes Make Us Safe relies heavily on social and political insights, and does not shy away from talking about sensitive topics, which can be a strength and a weakness at times. Because of its braveness on tackling modern-day issues, VMUS’s reader base narrows. [more . . .]

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Mystic, Mythical Music

By Megajoule, author of The Warlock Ruthless

Oct 29, 2018: A quick summary: NAH is a dark, gritty, almost noirish take on the superhero genre. There are some mythic, mystical notes to the worldbuilding that provide an extra flavor I’d say reminds me of Halo: writing this review I am distinctly reminded of the gorgeous Gregorian vocalizations that made you feel you’d stepped into something otherworldly. I don’t mean mystical in the sense of DC/Marvel who need to justify magic-using heroes in their kitchen sink universes. I mean that this mythic feeling pervades the entire work and elevates it. Though, [more . . .]



Mostly Aimless

By Thedude3445, member

Oct 23, 2018: This story is about the life of an unemployed man living in the suburbs in England, laying about and hanging out with friends. And . . . that’s pretty much it.

There isn’t any overarching plot or much characterization or too many happenings. It’s just the protagonist (apparently the author himself, making this all nonfiction) making some observations and trying to live a worry-free life. Sometimes that’s nice, and a few of the chapters have stuck with me in the time since I read this [more . . .]

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Three Episodes In…

By Wayne Basta, author of Seraph's Gambit

Oct 22, 2018: I like to give a serial three episodes before I decide if I want to continue. First impressions can be deceiving, both for good and bad. Excluding stories that have been recommended to me, those usually turn out good, this is the first where I want to read episode 4.

The prose is strong and the main character is intriguing. Vai is a kid out of time preparing to go onto an unknown future of life aboard a research vessel. Its [more . . .]

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Insert Human Contact Joke Here

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Oct 21, 2018: Touch follows a group of superpowered children and young teens who have all been shaped by traumatic circumstances, trying to deal with their personal demons while they attempt use their powers to help similar victims of abuse. In the process, however, they become embroiled in much bigger threats than they are prepared for, and are introduced to a world of magic and monsters.

The story cycles through multiple characters, primarily the main three kids, but also showing us various antagonist and [more . . .]

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Editor’s First Look – Mystery/Slice of Life/YA

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 21, 2018: The author of Unusual Florida does a good job of setting her scene and place. Readers are treated to possible memory-inducing descriptions of long, sweaty car rides to get to a vacation destination, and scenes where a number of teen or pre-teen kids awkwardly try to get to know one another and explore the somewhat mysterious resort they’re vacationing in. The mystery begins to be built on the fact that about half of the kids seem to be there with (or because) of their wealthy families, and about half through [more . . .]

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Well written but familiar

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Oct 20, 2018: Inheritors follows the challenges of Gabe, the only successful clone of the world’s greatest superhero, Megajoule, now deceased. As such, Gabe struggles with an inferiority complex as he tries to be his own hero, but is haunted by the fact that he is less powerful, less charismatic, and less skilled than his progenitor. Likewise, he has to try and conceal his identity, lest his origins make him a target for trouble with both heroes and villains alike, and influence how people percieve him. Likewiser, he tries to stick to the [more . . .]

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The internet’s out and we ate all the Ramen

By AdmiralMonkeyman, member

Oct 17, 2018: Best read at 4 a.m with a 90¢ cup o’ noodles in hand. Overall score, 4.7/5.

Reading chosen shackles has been a trip for me, starting off with the benign task of finding a running noodle vendor, to slowly building up the suspense and rot lurking beneath the city.

chosen shackles biggest quality is in its aesthetics and characters, the way that the protagonist interacts with the world improves upon its immersion tenfold.

[more . . .]

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Anathemixed Feelings

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Oct 9, 2018: I can’t say Anathema is a fresh take on its concepts, but does manage to feel distinct. The two big themes that I perceive from the story are an emphasis on showing that superhumans are just normal people with powers, with all the psychological problems that entails, and the idea of superhumans being walking weapons of mass destruction and the impact this has on society.

After an event called the Pulse grants random people superhuman abilities, an age of Heroes and [more . . .]

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By On The Edge, member

Oct 8, 2018: I’m writing this review based on everything up to the most recent chapter because I just had a moment where everything clicked. This is a great story, filled with depth, intricate world-building and fascinating, complex characters. Somehow Not All Heroes combines concise world-building with a fascinating depth, showing without telling.

The standout is definitely the characters and the characterisation of everyone. The story is about three people (Sabra, Fisher and Leopard) as they are each try to make a pretty grim, [more . . .]

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Tidal Wave

By Megajoule, author of The Warlock Ruthless

Oct 3, 2018: I gave a/0 a read through as it was new and it got a pretty good review right off the bat. I’m afraid that review feels unearned, and misleading as to the quality of this story.

Don’t get me wrong, the writer does have an impressive command of sentence structure and vocabulary. They are clearly well read, clearly a very thoughtful and verbose person. However, they would benefit in revisiting the rule "Show, Don’t Tell." The first chapter is a huge [more . . .]

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Mysterious characters, solid adventure, gives me the creepy crawlies

By WolvesOfCalla, member

Sep 30, 2018: This story lulls you into a false sense of security in the beginning, starting out like a typical – but well written – fantasy adventure. However once the party journeys into the swamp, things get weird in a hurry and the sense of creeping dread and uneasiness is up there with some horror movies.

The characters verge from hilarious to mysterious, a good mix of personalities that are all well developed. I’ll echo what other reviews are saying about Gaz and [more . . .]


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