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By JMK Magnum, member

Jul 20, 2014: The Solstice War is extremely interesting, and explores a lot of fascinating territory that I’ve found underserved by other authors. Basically it’s a fantasy-infused retelling of World War II, with a particular focus on the Soviet perspective and those of queer persons and persons of color. There’s a lot of really great well-grounded action sequences that show the scope and diversity of this massive conflict, and extremely moving characterization. The author has regularly updated Solstice War with two chapters per month of 10-15,000 words each, along with a few supplemental [more . . .]

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Tap Dancing and Supervillains

By Syphax, author of Stone Burners

Jul 6, 2014: [I help edit this serial. This review is not 100% unbiased.]

Dark humor always walks a fine line between not funny seriousness and over the top crassness. World Domination in Retrospect does not walk that line so much as madly tap dance along it. But, despite the madness, it is a skilled tap dance. Any time it gets yanked down into melancholy or stumbles into the realm of poor taste for too long, it quickly pulls itself back along the aforementioned [more . . .]

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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 4, 2014: Return to Wonderland acts as sequel to the very well known and loved Alice in Wonderland. Knowing that the two were supposed to be connected, I wasn’t sure how this one would measure up of my memories of the older story. To my pleasure, I ended up enjoying this author’s take on the continuing story.

One of the things that I felt the author did very well was giving us Alice’s point of view. Like in her previous adventures, Alice is [more . . .]

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Quirky (But Funny!)

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Jul 4, 2014: Okay, so this story is a weird one (but I do tend to like and champion the weird).

Insightful Ape is essentially a travel narrative (combined with magical elements) that relates the story of a young ape who is attempting to rid himself of a dangerous demon who has taken possession of him. There are quite a few twists and turns in the plot—some of which can get a little confusing—but ultimately, the story kept me interested enough to want to [more . . .]

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Editor’s First Impression

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jul 3, 2014: The short, general blurb for Cages doesn’t do this fascinating story justice. In the 25th century, humanity is divided into two groups, the genetically enhanced A-subgroup, and the B’s, who live on some sort of reserves on the interior plains and do the industrial work. We follow the plight of a little boy violently kidnapped from his home, an action which it seems most A’s would find morally reprehensible but are oblivious to its prevalence. Meanwhile, we the readers learn more about what is going on by peeking at the [more . . .]

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A Fun Read

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Jul 2, 2014: Holly(Woods) tells the story of a young ingénue (the title character) who has come to L.A. in the hopes of becoming a star. Holly experiences one lucky break after another, precipitating her rise to stardom, despite not having much training or experience in show business.

Though this plot line could easily become grating, clichéd, or ridiculous, the author avoids this potential problem by playing up Holly’s weaknesses, namely her naiveté which gets her into a number of scrapes—some of which aren’t [more . . .]

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It seems an interesting premise

By Oniwasabi, member

Jun 29, 2014: I didn’t make it too far into this work, but what I got from the first several chapters was an interesting premise for a story (or several stories really). The characters are still being introduced but they seem to be well fleshed out and their interactions are organic and believable, and while the world building is nowhere near complete at the point I have reached, it definitely feels like a fully thought out setting (and has enough uniqueness to clearly brand it as the author’s own)

[more . . .]

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The WAY back origin story (so far!)

By Oniwasabi, member

Jun 27, 2014: So here’s a slightly different take on super hero fiction: starting us out ALL the way back when mankind was just starting to move from nomadic tribes to gather in permanent settlements, and superhuman abilities were taken entirely to be the blessings of gods and spirits. As the author has stated his intention to move forward through different eras to tell different stories in his universe, this is quite the undertaking.

Only the first arc is finished at this point (or [more . . .]

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Be careful when co-opting existing phrases!

By Oniwasabi, member

Jun 27, 2014: Alright, there are only 9 chapters of this story as of this review, so things may change drastically from their currently observed state; fair warning for a few months from now when (hopefully) the story will have progressed well past here ^_^

This one is a very different take on superpower fiction, in so far that I don’t think I can recall ever having seen the exact premise before (and only a few gag-a-day type webcomics have put up anything close [more . . .]

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It’s off to a good start

By Oniwasabi, member

Jun 27, 2014: It’s 14 chapters into the ‘prologue’ segment of the story so far (at the time of this review at least) and the story seems promising. The characters that we’ve interacted with for more than a couple lines of descriptive text all have unique personalities (I personally like the super villain’s dialogue so far, the cross between evil overlord and businessman approach has been done before but there’s a reason for that, and it’s well done in this story) and the interactions between those characters are pretty believable (important because interpersonal [more . . .]

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Going on seven years of solid storytelling

By Farmerbob1, author of Reject Hero

Jun 5, 2014: Nick starts out as a nerdy teenager, who has issues with jocks. That was, ah, quite a few years ago, real time. Now Nick is a nerdy teenager who has recently started college and left his girlfriend Haley back home.

Nick also happens to be the grandson of the original Rocket, and Haley is the granddaughter of the original Night Wolf. There are lots of other characters, major and minor, most of whom are teenagers. There are just enough middle age [more . . .]

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Creative powers, well written, interesting conflict. A solid read.

By Farmerbob1, author of Reject Hero

Jun 5, 2014: Sins of the Fathers is a story that’s mostly about Will Denzien. Will starts out as a very lightweight superhero of the college student variety, but he grows rapidly in a short time. His powers are mainly utility powers, but he’s very smart, and uses his powers intelligently, constantly figuring out new ways to use them.

Problem is that Will is the son of a super villain, and his father was the son of a supervillain. These things seem to run [more . . .]