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Watery Urban Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 7, 2017: Water Water is a refreshing entry into the urban fantasy genre. When I first started it, I was reminded of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, but as I followed the story, it became wonderfully different. We follow the story of Laura, who sees some mysterious people on the subway one day as it takes a long-disused detour, and Joseph, who has some connection with them.

One of the things I liked about the story itself was that aside from Laura and Joseph as [more . . .]

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Solid Action, Interesting Characters

By BGHilton, author of Do It Yourself

Oct 6, 2017: Mavericks is a superhero story set in the USA of 2043. The plot is fairly standard superhero fare, but what makes the story interesting is its characters. What could be a fairly standard generational rivalry is given an interesting twist by making it a rivalry between a villainous mother and a heroic daughter rather than the standard father/son villain/hero dynamic (Darkseid v Orion; Sabretooth v Wolverine etc). Superhero turned villain Rebecca is a fascinating character, avoiding many of the clichés that female supervillains are prone to. Rebecca seeks to end [more . . .]

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Interesting but could be tighter

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Sep 20, 2017: This is another story taking the popular theme of how our recent history might have unfolded if a minority of people started getting superpowers. Set in Australia in the 1960’s, the government is taking a heavy handed approach picking up and detaining children suspected of having powers to do tests on them. Public opinion is fearful and suspicious of the new "demi-humans".

However there is one alternative for the lucky few – one man named Lawrence has started a group [more . . .]

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A well-hidden gem

By Chillypepper, member

Sep 18, 2017: I will begin this review by mentioning what a crime it is that this work of fiction is not on the top 10. Let alone being an extremely under-viewed one.

‘The Eagle’s Flight’ Is a high fantasy novel, a professional one at that. This is what I wish all high fantasy genres would aspire to be. A massive, well developed world set in medieval settings (Much like LoTR or GoT) That relies on showing you what this world is like rather [more . . .]

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Editor’s First Look – Slice of Life Mixed with Japanese Folklore

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Sep 16, 2017: I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I started The Dreams, but I was pleasantly surprised by a story that is half a slice of life/coming of age tale of a young woman going to college and meeting someone special, and half Japanese fairy tale, a story of a young woman in a small village who begins befriending a strange, magical young man she’s been told not to speak to.

The author does a good job of drawing in the [more . . .]

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No title

By Scylene, member

Sep 12, 2017: I personally feel that I have been on a long journey reading Worm, and I loved every second of it. It throws you into a world of fascinating characters that are utterly believable. Never once have I stopped and thought that someone had done something utterly unrealistic. They all feel like unique, human beings. This coupled with a huge array of unique and interesting powers makes for an excellent story. Although to tell the truth this really is just the beginning in terms of excitement for Worm, there is so [more . . .]

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Off to an Interesting Start

By BGHilton, author of Do It Yourself

Sep 9, 2017: I was thinking of giving up on this after a couple of chapters, thinking that it was a bit pretentious. Having gone all the way through the eight chapters currently available, I’m glad I didn’t. It is a little pretentious, but it’s in a good cause, an interesting experimental story that’s part biography part time-travel story. At the moment it’s still a little disjointed, but the disparate parts are beginning to come together and I’m intrigued enough to want to keep going.

[more . . .]

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This vampire story doesn’t suck, in more ways than one

By aspectofmind, member

Sep 7, 2017: Vampires are an old trope, and for a lot of people, a tired one. Much like the zombie craze a few years back, except vampires had the curse of being around in fiction for a little longer. We’ve seen them demonized and romanticized, something to fear and something for teenage girls to desire. As far as stories go, vampires have had every story under the sun.

And here is Entirely Presenting You, trying to throw it’s hat in that particular ring. [more . . .]

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Devilishly good

By aspectofmind, member

Sep 7, 2017: Keep in mind that I’m writing this review while on the beginning of the 10th arc, but I couldn’t help but want to review it now.

Pact has garnered something of a ‘middle child’ status among the juggernaut web serialist Wildbow’s works. Squished between the huge hit Worm and his currently-running Twig, Pact has somehow been considered the lesser of the three. Even the author himself has admitted that the serial is not as strong as it should be, and has [more . . .]

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A universe like no other.

By pasta, member

Aug 28, 2017: I’ve been reading star child since is conception on Reddit and I can say its captivated me thoroughly since. Leonard has put some much work into this universe and I am always wanting more after I finish each chapter. The main character is a young adult male who is searching for his mother when she was abducted by the government. The story follows SC (Star Child) whom was born in a universe that can sometimes grant a newborn special powers throughout their life based on where they were born. SC [more . . .]

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Delightful Shakespearean Like Humor

By Kridina, member

Aug 19, 2017: Now, I was not expecting to run across what appears to be epic poetry, prose, and something very nearly like a play you’d find in the "olden days", but here it is!

This is not your typical serial novel. There is a stab of humor and the word usage is entertaining. If poetry and word imagery is difficult for you to read, why I hear there is even audio available! Testimonies on the author’s page declare that helps.

[more . . .]

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Intriguing urban fantasy

By BGHilton, author of Do It Yourself

Aug 13, 2017: Silversmith is an urban fantasy. June, a young magician who specialises in warding spells shares an office with detective Kath, and unwittingly gets caught up in a mysterious death. At present, it’s only one short arc in, but I’m enjoying the characters and I’m very interested in knowing what’s going to happen next.

The opening chapters are a little rocky, but that seems to be true of about 90% of web novels so I don’t think that’s much of a complaint. [more . . .]


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