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Editor’s First Look – Suspenseful Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Apr 14, 2018: Pillars of Faith is a story that jumps around a bit to follow a couple of different storylines, but the author does a good job of keeping things interesting enough for a reader so that you will want to continue reading to find out what happens next.

The seeming main storyline follows Senna, a shapeshifter with a curse, and Lily, a regular person who finds and befriends her. I really liked watching the two of them interact, and enjoyed how the [more . . .]

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Highs and Lows of Life in the 32nd Century

By SovereignofAshes, author of The Vorrgistadt Saga

Apr 1, 2018: Disclaimer: This review was done as part of a review swap.

First Impressions: From the first chapter you’ll find yourself reading what seems to be a young adult ‘slice-of-life’ kind of story, but within moments everything changes. You’re plunged into the main character’s stream-of-consciousness right away, seeing what he sees, experiencing what he experiences, and hearing him describe what his tinkered implants tell him about the world. It feels at once like you’re inside his head, but also like he’s telling [more . . .]

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Don’t Read The Tags

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Mar 24, 2018: Advent is quite good. Unfortunately, I think the story kind of spoils itself. If you’ve read this far, do not look at the tags for this story. I did not look at them and found Advent a good read, but I feel I would’ve been less intrigued had I been ‘armed’ with that knowledge.

Advent is a complete work. It a short web serial with the lean feel of a short story, and I suppose you could call it ‘diaryfic’. It [more . . .]

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A Dark Christmas Treat, Even Three Months Late

By Wizard of Woah!, author of The New Humans

Mar 21, 2018: It’s a shame that the approval process for this site often takes so long, because this was a great Christmas offering.

"Advent" is the story of Luke, a young boy in long term foster care, who awakes one night (December 5th, to be precise) to find his mother at his bedroom window, ready to whisk him away from his foster parents in what he thinks will be a grand adventure.

"Advent" was [more . . .]



Cleverly designed world with a pretty good mystery at its core

By ConanLe, member

Mar 14, 2018: I got into reading web fiction after running into Worm.

Quite possibly the worst thing about reading an extremely good, extremely long book like that one is that anything after it is likely to be a bit of a disappointment. Most web serials aren’t going to hold up well when compared to something of that scope.

At first, Mother of Learning was no exception. The first chapter did little to convince me [more . . .]

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Enchanting world

By ConanLe, member

Mar 14, 2018: It’s hard to write a review of Pact without mentioning Worm, but that’s okay. Its author, who goes by the pen name Wildbow, is more famous for Worm, and there’s a good reason for that. However, don’t count that against Pact, because the reason is that Worm is quite possibly the greatest web serial ever written.

Instead, count it in Pact’s favor, because if you’re familiar with Worm, you’ll know at least a bit of what you’re getting into with Pact.

[more . . .]



No title

By aarongertler, member

Mar 14, 2018: A big sprawling webfiction ensemble piece, best read over a long weekend.

The Gods Are Bastards takes place in a swords-and-sorcery world as it goes from epic fantasy to Western, complete with gunslingers and dangerous trains. There are more than twenty different protagonists; they all speak in distinct voices and hold very different philosophies. Every character, protagonist or not, might surprise you if you let your guard down and start to make assumptions.

[more . . .]

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My Breakfast With Descartes

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Mar 8, 2018: The title of this work says it all, really. Over breakfast, a character named Malcolm grapples with all the classic existentialist quandaries. Do we have free will? Has everything in the history of the universe been leading to this moment? Is our awareness a curse? Does how we conceive of things form a prison around us? Can I trust my perceptions? And so on and so on.

There’s a tight style here, reminiscent of Hitchhiker’s Guide or The Stanley Parable. It [more . . .]

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Sci-Fi at High Speed

By McQueenSerialFantasy, author of Exiles

Mar 8, 2018: It’s evident from the very beginning of the story that the author has a crystal clear picture of the world that the characters inhabit. The setting is original and well-designed, but what struck me the most was its breadth. The author invests a lot of time framing out the cultural patterns of the world: its technology, its criminal elements, its social order, and its government. The result is a rich, tech-focused world that resonates well with the sci-fi bent of the narrative.

[more . . .]

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Comfortably Germinating

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Mar 8, 2018: This is a review of the first two parts (the first fifteen chapters). There may be mild spoilers.

Specimens. I’m still not sure what to say about it beyond the obvious: that it feels like Worm but with plants instead of insects.

The author admits to the story being inspired by Worm on the about page. Additionally, the broad narrative strokes of what I read feel very similar. Is this a negative? [more . . .]

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Addictive story with engaging characters

By Jellybean, member

Feb 27, 2018: I love every update of this webseries. The setting is a slightly dystopic world with realistic attitudes towards superheroes, reminding me a bit of Worm but darker. There were moments in the story that made me cry (and others that made me cringe). I am not really into superhero stories but what keeps me interested are the characters that showcase the human condition and all of its flaws. I love their backstories and finding out why they do what they do. I find myself emotionally invested in two out of [more . . .]

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A dark, moody fantasy story with a fascinating cast.

By Carcharocles, author of The Revelation

Feb 27, 2018: Two things to point out before I review: this was done as part of a review trade, and I’ve only read 6 chapters so far. Despite this, I will likely keep following Exiles and McQueen’s other works afterward.

The story isn’t your typical fantasy tale. While there are the usual Tolkien inspired races (humans, halflings and elves), the story is rather dark and moody, even if a bit violent. Magic is described as simply being too expensive to practice rather than [more . . .]


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