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Brilliantly clever, but lacking as a story

By eSPiaL, member

Mar 21, 2017: The magic system and lore of Unsong is one of the most amazingly unique and clever ideas I’ve ever come across in a story. It’s worth reading a few chapters at least just to see how ‘magic’ as a concept does not have to be constrained to the fireballs and dragons of traditional fantasy, or contained to the scientific and rational rule based ‘magic systems’ that is increasingly popular in modern fantasy. Honestly, this system puts even more established and famous ‘magic/power’ systems of authors such as Brandon Sanderson, and [more . . .]

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Like a game of fetch, Toby is on his way back

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Mar 21, 2017: The dog and his walker are back, kicking ass, taking names, and setting things on fire.

You’ve read the original, well, things have STARTED to settle into a normal routine for our heroes. as normal as can be when the police have you on speed dial for Yokai attacks.

Only a few chapters in so far, but it moves with the smooth writing and well paced wit and horror that the author [more . . .]

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Some dark humour to brighten your day!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 19, 2017: "Black exhaust from a passing garbage truck drifts in through an open window. Someone starts watching a youtube video without headphones. The damage is done, this has become any other bus ride. It’s enough to make a person want to drink. But to be honest, that comes a lot easier for some of us than others."

The narrator of this story is going through a rough patch, or maybe is just a loser in general. He has a serious drinking problem [more . . .]

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Good read – check it out!

By swillettl, member

Mar 18, 2017: Overall, this story is great – the world is original, the characters are unique and the story itself is engaging and evenly paced.

Grammar: Little to no errors found grammatically. The author is consistent, vocabulary is varied and there are no issues with spelling or tenses found so far.

Style: The story flows well, and the author does a great job of introducing details on an "as you go" basis. Each chapter [more . . .]

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Why are you reading this? Go Read the Novel!

By WriterHubris, member

Mar 12, 2017: I actually dropped this novel when I first started it. It wasn’t the novel’s fault, something else that I was reading at the time had done a huge release of like ten chapters and I got pulled into it. I almost completely forgot about this novel even before I really gave it a chance . . . Gotta admit, I goofed when I did that.

This novel is a great piece that manages to buck a lot of cliches and tropes that are normal for [more . . .]

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Complex but deep and worthwhile

By Samuel Chapman, author of The Glass Thief

Mar 7, 2017: I’ve been reading Urban Reverie since the beginning, and it’s only gotten more impressive. The author has created a kitchen-sink of a world, where beastly peacekeepers ride airships over skyscrapers, and magical college students rub elbows with winged daemons in between prowling the many planes of reality.

Quinen, a warlock expelled from the Collegium, is sheltering Chrysanthemum, an amnesiac girl whose dangerous origins are clear by the end of the first arc—as is how easily she could start a war between [more . . .]

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Intensely satisfying serialised fiction and exquisite original music

By soleils, member

Feb 25, 2017: Future Cults is currently my favourite corner of the internet. It combines the most exquisite music I’ve heard in years with serialised fiction written with startling inventiveness, incredible care, thrilling fearlessness and irresistible humour.

re/search/er writes beautifully idiosyncratic stories about women and men who have some baggage, complicated pasts or presents (and no doubt futures) and, in some cases, mysterious powers; stories about women and men who are a little lonely or unsure of their place in this brave new world, [more . . .]

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Solid, remarkable but not conventionally impressive

By Pavel Sadovnikov, member

Feb 21, 2017: Huh? How come that Unsong is currently third on topwebfiction but has only two reviews?

Really creative concept of magic system. Interesting and verbose alternative history; if you like this stuff, definitely must read. Insight-ish, but if you want insights, you’d better check up Scott’s Meditations on Moloch. Lots and lots of amusive Bible puns, but, again, if you want puns check up his Study of Anglophysics first to know what to expect. Main protagonists are somewhat pale; there’re a few [more . . .]

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For Reading and More

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Feb 5, 2017: For Riches or More is a lovingly detailed take on the concept of a Heist movie franchise. A team of good hearted misfits and rogues complete serial capers in an attempt to thwart a dastardly schemer with nefarious aims. It feels a lot like a novelization of a (nonexistent) movie franchise, similar to the Oceans IP.


There is a lot to like in For Riches Or More.

[more . . .]

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Too good for a slush pile!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 22, 2017: The Slush Pile is a collection of about 35 short stories, most science fiction or futuristic, with a fair sprinkling of horror, urban fantasy, and real life. It’s not always clear which of these a story is going to be when you start reading it, so I recommend you pick randomly from the table of contents rather than "Browse by Genre" to avoid spoilers!

These are the best kind of short stories, because they drop you right into an interesting scene [more . . .]

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Worth a Read

By Lyn Thorne-Alder, author of Marked

Jan 9, 2017: I read this story – what there is of it so far – in one sitting, and found it engrossing, the kind of story that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

I have so many questions, which means I’ll come back to it over and over again, hoping my questions get answers – who is Bishop? What is going on?

This story builds suspense well. I am not always a [more . . .]



Rise Up

By gloomybear86, author of For Riches or More

Jan 5, 2017: The Fifth Defiance accomplishes within its first handful of chapters a feat that often requires entire arcs, if not longer: it made me want to learn more about the universe its author created. Who is Prevailer and what power allows her to subjugate the planet? What are the Troubleshooters? What’s a Sigil and why do Ultrahumans wear them?

These questions get answered throughout the course of the story and are replaced, naturally, by new ones. I won’t spoil any of the [more . . .]


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