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Hooked from the start

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jul 31, 2020: Imaginative narrative from the perspective of an artificially intelligent being in a paranormal affected near future. Subtly humorous and subtly appalling. Full of adventure and flows well.

[more . . .]

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A Fast and Frenetic Meta-Sci-Fi

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Jun 26, 2019: Rainbow Destructor is an interesting blend of action, comedy, high-concept meta, and sci-fi, almost a sort of zany version of a Twilight Zone episode, or like one of those crazier 90’s OVA space adventure anime.

The story is short, really only a novella in length, with bite-sized chapters you can blur through in one sitting. This is both a strength and a drawback, as the story gets right down to the point and doesn’t stop for nothin’. On the one hand, [more . . .]

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A home run of a story

By SKHenry, member

Jun 18, 2019: Reviewing is not my strong suit but I hope I did this story justice.

Inheritors is a story about Gabe, the clone of the world’s greatest superhero with only a fraction of the power (it’s like a greater take on the concept of Superboy.). Gabe for the most part is a good kid; he wants to help and make a difference in any way he can and won’t let anything stop him. Unfortunately, Gabe is inheritor’s Spider-man, meaning he be suffering. [more . . .]

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Strictly 4 My P.A.R.A.H.U.M.A.N.Z…

By nippoten, author of Entirely Presenting You

Jun 15, 2019: Wildbow is in a unique spot in the web fiction world. Three very long, very popular serials in his oeuvre, now over a million words into the sequel of the work that first put him on. All Eyez on Him.

But the fact remains, we are now over a million words into Ward. Is the length justified, or does it crumble under its own word count? The short answer is we are reading literary rubble.

[more . . .]

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Chromatic Conspiracies Chasing Children (also people getting mulched)

By ElliottThomasStaude, author of Mourners, Abednego, Persistence

Jun 14, 2019: Blacklight is an odd duck. Total honesty: at first, it seemed like it was a superhero work doing everything in its power to disguise that fact – nothing against superhero fiction, but it carries certain expectations. Instead . . . it’s not exactly clear into what bucket Blacklight should get shoved. First, the setting’s an Earth-like locale with countries that have certain obvious parallels to present day but nothing so transparent as simply renaming France to Nonexistentia or some such. It’s not something that falls under “alternate history,” though I suppose you might run [more . . .]

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A Samurai is never too old for Honor

By Shaeor, author of Chosen Shackles

Jun 9, 2019: Early chapter spoilers.

Fuji follows a middle aged man named Kenshi. This man clearly has had an important role in past history, and it would seem his time is not yet done. As we enter into the story, Kenshi is there to witness a small boy violently transform. Though seemingly a nobody on his way through the market, Kenshi is quickly revealed through his ties to the shogunate, in the wake of this monstrous transformation, to have been a past political [more . . .]



Two Best Friends Go Henching (First Look)

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Jun 9, 2019: "I’m Not a Monster, It’s Only a Mask" (or "Only a Mask") starts off phenomenally with one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a piece of superhero fiction. We’re introduced to our two protagonists Sam and Maxwell, best friend young adults who are down on their luck and in desperate need of a new job—one that happens to be becoming henchmen for a supervillain. The chapter consists only of the job interview, with almost nothing about the plot revealed, but the characters are so strong that it instantly [more . . .]

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Hilarious and Wonderful

By ElliottThomasStaude, author of Mourners, Abednego, Persistence

Jun 8, 2019: The thing which shall be called ATL from here on in (and sadly the meaning of that acronym presently cannot be brought to mind) is a wonderful alternate history story set in Atlanta. It bounces all over the place, from the ambiguously-sexed protagonist Morgan’s residence during a shakedown straight from a Coen brothers movie to an old church which is the lair of a robot hiding out like a celebrity in rehab. It’s apt in its adoption of the descriptive setting of the “retrofuture” – some advances which are surprising, [more . . .]

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The next Worm? Oh, Indeedy.

By L Nimbus, author of The Minotaur Paladin

Jun 5, 2019: Let me make a few things clear. Inheritors will rip your heart out. Then it’ll make you come back for more. There’s nothing you can do about that. You have two choices: Leave, and miss out an amazing story, or soldier on through the grief for more. I picked the second option, obviously. Do I regret it? Just a little. But if I had to choose, I’d do it again. Because it was all worth it. This story pulls no punches, curbs none of it’s kicks. It’s dark and brutal, [more . . .]

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Chaos, like change, can be both good and bad

By sunflowerofice, author of Technically Abroad

May 29, 2019: Alright so Inexorable Chaos is not bad, but at the same time there wasn’t anything there that really pulled me in.

Now that the one sentence review is done let me give a bit more specific with spoilers where I see fit to explain. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum though.

First off I only read to chapter nine so keep that in mind and of course this is to [more . . .]

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Doldrums, Horror, and the Odd Beautiful Thing

By jmassat, member

May 17, 2019: (note: this review covers Ch. 1-3!)

Pyrebound’s world captivates me. Just the first two paragraphsmade my mind buzz with possibility. Immediately after reading that, I skimmed the glossary, and . . . ugh . . . so many strange ideas. There’s an ever-expanding list of Kur’s grotesque creatures, who pour into Ki, where humans (and some other strange things) are native. But there are also the deep ties to fire that humans have—physical fires, spiritual fires, fires that live, that inhabit objects and people. A human settlement protected by [more . . .]



Genre Fusion Frenzy

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

May 11, 2019: Graven is nominally a superhero story, which I’ll admit was a turn-off for me at first. There are technically superheroes, and there is even a superhero team featured in the story. However, this is pretty much as far as you can get from superheroes and still be in the genre.

Really, it’s more of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure, featuring a cast of broken, diverse characters forced to come together to fight a mysterious, world-ending threat. Graven is set in a world [more . . .]


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