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By Taulsn, author of Reaper

May 1, 2016: I don’t like romance; it usually leads to tiresome drama, don’t get me wrong there is a lot of romance in A Grey world. I don’t care; it’s relatable, and it doesn’t contain beaten to death tropes. The rest of the world is twenty minutes in the future, with the story spending time between a rather nasty slum, and a rather nasty high school.

Our protagonist and hero Alexis, who spends most of her life being broken down by these environments, [more . . .]

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The Matrix meets The Walking Dead

By Lee Carlon, author of The Bastard Cadre

May 1, 2016: I was drawn to this first by the title and then the first couple of paragraphs in the description, though I admit I stopped reading the summary because I was worried it might give too much away. While we’re inundated with zombies, I like the idea of techno-zombies and this just made me like the title even more.

The first episode does a nice job of introducing the dramatic situation and ends with a suitable hook to ensure you keep reading. [more . . .]

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Dystopian Magic

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Apr 24, 2016: One of the things I liked about Jumping Rings is that you’re jumping into the deep end right away with the story. As readers, we follow the parallel stories of Taslin, a young woman who chooses to become a gladiator, and Valran, a young man who chooses to become a slave, both in order to climb in their position in society into the inner rings of their civilization, which ensures safety against everything that’s being walled out.

I really liked the [more . . .]

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The first book in an EPIC series..!

By Seastallion, member

Apr 23, 2016: This is the first book in an amazing series, sometimes called the Firestaff Series. Or the Tarrin Kael Chronicals. Regardless of which overall title you prefer, it is very well written, has a highly detailed world, a large cast of characters, and combined with the 7 other books, a long but very enjoyable length. The author (Fel aka James Galloway), is also currently writing a short story that takes place post series, that is also turning out very nicely. I would however HIGHLY recommend that you read the entire [more . . .]

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No title

By Taulsn, author of Reaper

Apr 15, 2016: I’ve been reading Domina City for a surprising amount of time now. Every update is of consistent quality, and generally on time, that’s a big plus in it’s favor. Like G.S. Williams said in 2012 it’s a RPG world, and that hasn’t changed. Lots more powers have been added, and there was supposedly a massive upheaval politically. The problem is I didn’t see that have much of an effect in the story, and that’s the problem. Despite how much has happened in the story, with the exception of maybe two [more . . .]

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I See Dying People…

By TheStorymonger, author of The Firewall Saga

Apr 14, 2016: For me, Deathwatch was a delightfully refreshing discovery. Set in an intriguing fantasy world with airships, subtle magic, and diplomatic intrigue, the story stars two young military cadets whose forbidden love for each other launches them on separate journeys.

Kieron ends up on a military airship, where his condition allowing him to predict the deaths of others presents an unusual danger.

Jet is captured by slavers and sold to a powerful man [more . . .]

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No title

By TimeKitt, member

Apr 12, 2016: A wonderful world full of lesbian gay bI and ace characters, nonstandard relationships, neuroatypicals . . . and some magic, both of technical background stuff, fae craftmanship, and those strang wonders that brighten our eyes. Various sexualitys are explored or at least present, gender issues much more breifly. Effects of neglect, torture, and rape on the characters and their emotions are explored as a major element of the story structure, with ptsd as likely the focus as actually getting work done. A lot of characters worry very much about how ‘crazy’ they are, but [more . . .]

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Don’t Miss Out

By Catastrophe Jones, author of DeathWatch

Apr 4, 2016: Braden Russell’s Firewall Saga is, without a doubt, one of the most excellently character-driven pieces of serial fiction I’ve read in a long time.

Weaving together several different narratives of what I can only assume is a post-Singularity apocalypse, it entices you in with a crooked finger and then takes off running, demanding you chase after it in a breakneck pace. He’s forged beautiful people in a shattered world, and he invites you into their lives in a way that makes [more . . .]

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Great Urban Fantasy Series

By shzam, member

Mar 31, 2016: This is an amazing piece of fiction that is severely underrated. An urban fantasy series, Winter’s Tale holds its ground against the best, 14 books in and its story telling, world building and pacing are among the best fiction you can find.

The story starts solidly (the first couple of books are excellent but not mind-blowing) and builds up slowly but surely, with real changes happening to progress the story into amazing territories that other pieces of fiction haven’t. Characters grow, [more . . .]

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Fun Nonsense and Short-short-fiction

By TCC Edwards, author of Far Flung

Mar 22, 2016: North of Reality is a delightfully eccentric collection of short fiction and entries that may have been taken from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

There seem to be two main styles of entries on the blog. Some are self-contained pieces of fiction, like the poignant "Then Before If". These pieces seem to play around with physical and metaphysical concepts, making the reader think deeply about time travel and other such possibilities.

[more . . .]



For comic book fans who don’t like pictures

By Inky Llama, author of Twisted Cogs

Mar 21, 2016: I mentioned in a recent review that the superhero genre is glutted right now, especially in the serial world. Given that glut, one might be reluctant to give yet another superhero serial a try, but I hasten to reassure potential readers, this isn’t a superhero story, despite the superpowers present in the serial.

Curveball is a comic book, plain and simple, one that happens to have no pictures. I was extremely skeptical after reading what the author was trying to do [more . . .]

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Editor’s First Impression

By Chris Poirier, editor

Mar 21, 2016: It’s nonsense, but it’s really nice nonsense. If you enjoy neat little pseudoscience confections, check it out.

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