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A Whole New, Unique Experience

By kisikil, author of RATS: 252 Chances At Redemption

Mar 25, 2019: Kill the Joker brings everything that’s good in a story to the table: an engrossing, complex plot brought to life by interesting characters that all contribute to the events happening within in some way. It’s a "death game" story that gives it’s own unique twist, giving the genre a new light and a take to it that’s wholly its own.

There are all kinds of mysteries to solve, but Kill the Joker is exceptionally compelling by adding more than any other [more . . .]

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Swashbuckling Swords!

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Mar 22, 2019: Fantasy has often been a difficult genre for me to review. Mostly, this is because the genre as a whole is defined by various trappings, and it becomes difficult for stories to stand out in a sea of cliches and generalizations whenever swords and sorcery is involved.

Today’s story though, Black Meridian, succeeds where other fantasy-type ventures do not, with a mix of genres and tones that create a delicious and rich concoction.

[more . . .]

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A peculiar and remarkable beast

By theredsheep, author of Pyrebound

Mar 22, 2019: Kinri is an outcast from an elite society that lives among the clouds. Childlike in many ways—exuberant, friendly, impatient, and insecure—she yearns above all else to be liked and accepted by the inhabitants of the forbidding mining community where she has settled, especially her new acquaintance Hinte. Hinte is an alchemist, the descendant of famous alchemists, and Kinri’s temperamental opposite; she is taciturn, competent, tactless, and stern. It’s plain to see how they could help each other, if only they could find their way to becoming friends.

[more . . .]

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Also Known As…Quite Promising

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Mar 16, 2019: It seems the age of web fiction is a sea of superhero stories these days. It becomes more and more difficult to separate various stories in settings that seem to melt in one another.

On today’s agenda we have the aptly named aka, a pretty clever title if I may say so.

The story of this ongoing tale revolves around one Nathaniel Thomas Peterson, who lives in a world where metahumans, or [more . . .]




By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 13, 2019: Very mixed feelings on this "Your Typical Isekai LitRPG" story. For one, on its face in the "marketing"— e.g. the chapter titles, the author notes, the cover— everything about the series suggests that it’s going to be a wacky comedy, an absolute send-up of one of the most derided genres in web fiction today, the Isekai LitRPG.. The story is very generic in setup— a Japanese class is summoned to a fantasy world where there are RPG stats, and are quested to save it and such, and there’s quite a [more . . .]



I Hate Being Bored in a Fantasy World

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 11, 2019: Isekai LitRPG.

That’s already enough to tell you what you might be expecting out of "I Hate Being Wed in a Fantasy World!" and there isn’t much beyond that to enjoy. I read the first two volumes of the story for this review, but I can’t say I can make it much further because it was not a very enjoyable experience.

It’s about a loner nerd and his classmates all warped to [more . . .]

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I’m going to go have a seizure now.

By Pyrocardiac, member

Mar 9, 2019: The only good thing to be said about Adventures in the Pirate Continent (not a continent full of pirates, silly, a continent that IS a pirate) is that it’s funny. Sometimes very, very funny, and it won’t waste much of your time.

This is not a serious review, for the record. Sean Arnold’s work doesn’t deserve or want anything to do with seriousness. If I dared to wax analytical here, a Viking would surely burst through the floorboards and beat me [more . . .]

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An Impenetrable Achievement

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Mar 9, 2019: IN SHORT: The laws of space-time state that the denser an object is, the more it draws someone in. The rules of writing, however, state the opposite. Case in point: The Simulacrum of Dread is dense to the point of being impenetrable.

IN LONG: One of my favorite novels is Blindsight by Peter Watts. In it, an alien species receives transmissions from Earth but cannot make sense of them, the transmissions being packed with too much information they cannot understand. Unable [more . . .]

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Fun read, looking forward to more updates!

By Calhoun, author of Quoria

Mar 5, 2019: I really enjoy DBB! It’s a supernatural mystery involving a TV psychic and the ocean, and it gives off some real noir mystery feelings! The side characters are interesting and the town feels big – like every side character we meet has their own lives going on outside of the main character – which REALLY helps add to the overall mystery feeling (who was where? when? why? it feels like everyone is doing their own thing in the background, which makes it more interesting re: the mystery but also makes [more . . .]



A popping, colorful, musical jam

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 4, 2019: Despite the tags, this is definitely a superhero story, about a group of four teenagers with music-based superpowers who save the world by fighting cartoonish villains who also have music-based superpowers.

While most of the web fiction community is focused on more serious sci-fi, fantasy, or drama, Music Masters goes full on Saturday Morning Cartoon on us, bringing a story quite unlike anything else you’ll find on the website. It really feels like a comic book brought into prose (and knowing [more . . .]

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How strait the sunless road

By Snuggle Squiggle, author of Endless Stars

Feb 25, 2019: If my review of Fuji were one word, it might be “straightford” or “eager”. No one likes to have their writing called “simple”, but one of the first things you notice about Fuji is that is doesn’t easily get bogged down or distracted. It knows what it wants to convey, and it gets right to it.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing, or a bad thing. Fuji seems to value the destination over the journey, but there are roses I wouldn’t [more . . .]

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Lightning-fast superhero romp with grave consequences

By Chrysalis, author of Gift of Light

Feb 18, 2019: This review is part of a review swap. I was provided with a free copy of the ebook, but all opinions are my own.

I’ve been sitting here pondering whether I’d rather assign four or four and a half stars. Graven has its flaws, but in the end I decided that these flaws (such as the class A speed of the plot development) actually aren’t detrimental to web fiction. But there are a lot of typos and minor editing issues (their [more . . .]


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