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Absurd, but it works!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jul 28, 2017: Imagine a Home Depot, of sorts. Staffed by a retired supervillian, (mostly retired) a dryad, a Terminator from the future who has already prevented her John Conner from being born, and is just running the Kids Krafts section until Judgement day comes, a pair of twins, one dedicated to the light (who works in Lighting and Lamps) and one dedicated to the Dark (blinds and window coverings, of course).

And those are the more NORMAL people who are attracted to this [more . . .]

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A lot of ambition, but sometimes things get ‘lost-in-translation’

By nippoten, author of Entirely Presenting You

Jul 24, 2017: Yokaishiteru is actually one of three serials on the site (with a fourth to come soon). This will be a general review/impression of what I’ve read.

The three serials are as follows:

Yokaishiteru – A story about a group of troubled girls as they form a school idol club.

Checkboxes – A story about a girl who tries to ‘save everyone’ before she [more . . .]

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Three novels stitched into one

By TanaNari, author of Price

Jul 22, 2017: Kinda appropriate, given the author’s apparent love of Frankenstein lore.

It is a well written piece of work, with some of the best pacing I’ve ever seen in a webstory. Characters are interesting, the story moves forward at more or less the same pace as it establishes in the first chapter ( increasing momentum as you’d expect of a good novel), and you won’t find yourself bored.

Confused at times, absolutely, but [more . . .]

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Enjoyable light military-political fantasy with a ‘villain’ protagonist and the dial labeled "META" going up to eleven

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: In a world fought over by the forces of Good and Evil, the Kingdom has finally been conquered by the Empire and a girl saves up money in underground fighting rings to join the Legions and change the system from inside.

Except she meets the big, bad Black Knight and gets to Choose which side she’s on: the seemingly benign, but not-too-keen on too much freedom-of-the-mind Good, or the social darwinistic / anarchic Evil.

[more . . .]

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This isekai deconstruction is infuriating in places, but I couldn’t drop it even when I wanted to

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: Erin is transported to fantasy land and starts leveling as the [Innkeeper] class.

Sounds like a fun, cozy little story, right? No, that is WRONG, rhetorical questioner. This is a drama-filled, hold-onto-your-pants, INFURIATING story about a girl transported into a fantasy world, all partially deconstructed with a huge death-count for side-characters, and friends turning enemies at the drop of a stupid hat.

Expect character death, self-destructive character flaws, two gazillion world-ending threats [more . . .]

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Muggle Hermiono Goes to Notwarts School of Noblecraft and Assholery

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: Nic, the son of a maid in the employ of a noble household, becomes a super-student in pursuit of meeting his childhood friend, Dizzy, the daughter of that noble house, by getting into the School for Royal Fuckers (and some Mages). Things are complicated by Dizzy’s father basically being the Minister of Propaganda and Convenient Disappearances (well, he’s more on the protagonist’s side though), the discriminatory atmosphere of the school towards the four (count em, four) outside students joining, and a pretty quick escalation into magic mayhem and possible demonic [more . . .]

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Solidly Enjoyable Action-Adventure

By BGHilton, author of Do It Yourself

Jul 19, 2017: Disclaimer – this review is part of a review exchange. Price is a well thought out superhero world with a ton of effort put into worldbuilding. So far I’ve only read the short novels Blue Steel and Blue Wall. I gather these are deliberately heavy on the worldbuilding, but that the other stories in the series are more character driven. The world itself is quite interesting, blending a sort of spy/crime story realism with comic book silliness in a very engaging way. Initially, I found Blue Steel it a little [more . . .]

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Stick It Out and you’ll be Amazed

By Nico H, author of Nicoserial

Jul 13, 2017: Stick it out? That’s right, the first few chapters have some clumsy phrasing. The foreshadowing is appreciated but a bit obvious, and the characters aren’t incredibly defined. All of these problems are shed to the wayside as the story continues, and it goes from a mildly interesting story with some unimpressive execution, to an entirely compelling read that kept me up late reading. I was so interested by this story that I completed the entire thing in under 24 Hours.

So [more . . .]

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A Familiar Story Done Well

By M.T. Bade, member

Jul 5, 2017: Disclaimer: This review was done as part of a review exchange.

The Open Road is, on the whole, a fairly decent story of low fantasy adventure. Although it doesn’t do much that’s new, what it does do, it does well.

The prose is largely unremarkable, being neither subpar nor stellar. It lacks a strong, distinctive style, and is occasionally amateurish with its use of said bookisms and repetitive paragraph structure – nearly [more . . .]

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An extraordinary fantasy that continues to outdo itself, one of very few that are a MUST-READ.

By nyteli, member

Jul 3, 2017: This is the time loop story that anyone and everyone who’s a lover of fantasy never knew they wanted. And oh boy, once you start, it is soo addicting so prepare yourself for hours gone by in a blink and sleep deprivation. I should also mention the hair-tearing wait in-between chapters . . . 

I think all you really need to know summary-wise can be condensed into the author’s own blurb: "Zorian, a mage in training, only wanted to finish his education in peace. [more . . .]

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Newshound – Stories of a Werewolf Journalist

By thelonewanderer, author of The Open Road

Jul 3, 2017: Heather Stone is the only werewolf journalist in the American Southwest. And her lupine nose smells conspiracy.

Most fiction with a journalist protagonist is centered around conspiracy, usually political. M.T Bade’s Newshound is pretty much on target – political, the small and persecuted in one corner with the big guys on the other. But the most interesting bit is how it takes reacts (inspiration if you are feeling optimistic) to the current political scenario in America. And yes, this means travelbans, [more . . .]

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Twig: The Fantastic Biopunk Thriller that you have to read

By dashelgr, member

Jul 1, 2017: Review after finishing the first 7 arcs.

Twig is the latest novel by the author wildbow, after the wildly acclaimed superhero novel Worm and the more controversial (but in my opinion great) series Pact.

The plot revolves around The Lambs a group of kids who are made or modified as weapons by a Mad Science Academy. These scientists have unlocked the secrets behind the human body and gone nuts with it, using [more . . .]


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