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The idea for the Web Fiction Guide came from a post by Eli James on Novelr, and has grown from there, thanks to the efforts of a whole bunch of people (most of whom you can find on the Editors page).

webfictionguide.com is paid for by Northern Lights Multimedia, Inc. and is staffed by volunteers. It is hosted at angryhosting.com. The site is built on WordPress, and was developed by Chris Poirier.

Our new graphics (the blue ones) were designed by Nicole Hanke of Harakiri Design, with the gracious financial support of Gabriel Lowe of Sobeho Media. Many thanks to both of them.

Our old graphics (the leafy green ones) are based on some fabulous artwork by Daniya Yaparova that we found on Dreamstime. The banner and ads were designed by Kitty deGrace. The quote is from Jessamyn West.

For more information, please contact Chris Poirier at [cpoirier at webfictionguide.com].