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Unfortunately, some past member behaviour has forced us to say some things here about decorum, things we think are pretty obvious to the vast majority of our members, but that have to be said for a select few. Please pardon our bluntness.

We expect our members to behave in a courteous and honest fashion. If you are affiliated with a listing, and you review it, we expect you to identify your affiliation in the review. If you disagree with a review, mark it unhelpful, or write your own to respond—politely—to the criticism. Inflammatory or confrontational reviews are unacceptable, as is retaliatory reviewing. If you engage in such behaviours, or in any way attempt to interfere with the normal running of this website, we will delete your reviews and suspend your account.

It is our goal to provide useful, accurate information, and to foster honest, respectful sharing of opinions about web fiction. We will take any actions necessary to ensure those goals.