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All reviews hosted on webfictionguide.com are the property and sole responsibility of the individual reviewer. Of course, we try to keep things accurate and civil, so if you see something you don’t think should be on our site, please contact us.

We are not in any way responsible for the content of the fiction we list. We strive to provide accurate information about our listings, but we cannot keep up-to-date with each and every one. Think of us as a search engine: we provide the links, you provide the decision-making abilities about what you (and your children) should and should not read.

Privacy Policy

Short version: everything you do here is public, but we won’t share your email address.

Long version:

The Web Fiction Guide is a public forum for finding and discussing free online fiction. As a member, you will have the option of rating, reviewing, and recommending listings, maintaining your own bookshelves, posting in our forums, and doing all manner of things we haven’t thought of yet. This information will be used publicly in a variety of ways, and will often be credited to your account name. If you are an author of one of our listings, your account will be associated with your listing for all to see.

What you do on this site is done publicly. If you do not wish something to be known publicly, do not do it here.

That all said, we will not publish the email address you give us, nor will we give or sell it to any other organization. You are free to display it in your public profile, if you so wish, but we will not display it otherwise. We may use it to contact you about something done with your account (if we have a problem with a review, for instance), but we will not generally contact you otherwise.

Additional notices are posted in relevant places on our site. When you find them, please familiarize yourself with the contents and follow the rules. Bad behaviour may result in account suspension.

Finally, if you actually read this far, thanks for reading! Enjoy the site, and be sure to let us know what you think!