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I loved this

By Teresa Garcia, author of Selkies' Skins: Temple and Skinquest

Aug 27, 2012: It took me several days to finally finish reading Darkside by S.K.S. Perry, but that was more because of all the stuff going on in my own life. Without all the drama and writing, and if I’d been given my wish, I would have had it read in a day or two, with coffee and cookies. However, this made the pleasure just last longer.

Darkside is a first person point of view story, which has the benefit of having you basically in the main character’s head the whole time. It made me feel a lot better "hearing" the internal thought patterns, and laughing quite a few times as well. Living forever always seemed like it would be a lot of trouble, and in this story, it proves to be just as difficult as it sounds- if not moreso. I especially enjoyed the odd team that forms, a freshly dead guy turned Eternal, a Vampire, your standard Shapeshifter (with a love of guns, really reminded me of someone with had me chuckling more), an Ogre, a Troll with suitably large nose (oh my . . . ) and a Human Bard that has lived in Summerland for centuries. All this to save an Innocent.

This one is going back in my reading que for later.

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