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Saving the World

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Oct 11, 2008: All in all, I’d probably have been more enthusiastic about this story if I’d read it when I was in my teens. I don’t have anything particularly bad to say about it, so let me explain why.

Here’s the plot: The main character, Genevieve, discovers that she and two other girls at her high school have received abilities that could allow them to avert the upcoming apocalypse. Unfortunately, they don’t really know how to use them yet. Also, their mentor, while obviously knowledgeable, doesn’t seem particularly nice.

Complications to the plot: an unpleasant high school teacher, parents who aren’t sure what’s going on with their child, friends who don’t understand why the main characters are ignoring them, mysterious and deadly assassins who want to kill them, and the main character’s own lack of self-confidence.

Characters and Relationships: The writer does a good job of showing a baseline for the Genevieve’s relationships with her friends while simultaneously moving the plot forward. When the story started to get moving, I understood how disruptive the change would be to those friendships. Also, the day to day interactions with those characters moved the plot along in a way that felt natural as opposed to, "Oh, Levi’s just doing this to move the plot forward."

I do have to admit that Genevieve, the main character so far, seems to me to spend a lot of time getting into small arguments with people. It is consistent, but irritating (at least for me).

Writing Style: Overall the writing style felt right for the story—clear and efficient. It gets out of the way and doesn’t call attention to itself for the most part.

In summary, I think I would have enjoyed this as a teenager or even later, but at the moment I’ve read enough stories about teenagers destined to save the world that I’m not quite up for another.

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