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Losing Freight by Tim Sevenhuysen


Tic Bolter is in trouble. A rare collectible he was delivering has gone missing, and both the buyer and the seller want answers (though, failing that, they’ll be happy with Tic’s head on a platter). Tic’s only option is to put as many lightyears between himself and his enemies as he can, but he’s about to find out he isn’t the only one with problems.

A serialized novel, updating daily

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Listed: Feb 26, 2012

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By S.L. Gray, author of And The Skies Fell

Apr 13, 2012: Due to some wonkery between the site and my browser or maybe my flash or any number of things, I couldn’t give this the 2.5 I actually wanted, so the review should be a little higher. Apologies to the author.

And, to be even more honest, I only read through the first chapter of this. Sadly I don’t have a lot of time to read things that aren’t to my taste, and Losing Freight isn’t.

It’s a clever idea, letting readers choose the direction for a web serial and to those who had the opportunity to vote as each piece was written, it was probably exciting to see which option would win and how it would inform the story.

When it comes to comedy, I am a ridiculously hard sell. Situational comedy, for the most part, doesn’t work for me, but I’m always willing to give it a try. Personalities and plot points determined by popular opinion, however, is just not for me. The sections are quick to read, though, so it doesn’t take much of an investment to decide whether to keep reading.

All best wishes to the author!

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