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Zero by RJ Blain


Zero is among the unfortunates who maintain the vault and the other computer systems on Agnitia. Talentless and worthless, he’s kept in confinement in luxury as a slave to the vault’s needs. Unlike the other technicians, Zero has nothing; no past, no future, and no hope.

As part of a galactic peace treaty, buried within the vault are the schematics of every technology known—even the plans to build every weapon ever created, including the virulent nano-plague developed to ensure that the knowledge never leaves the planet.

Should anyone discover the secrets of the vault and Zero’s connection with it, his death might be the only way to save the universe from destruction.

General Cardeth lives for his sister, an unregistered zero he’s kept hidden his entire life. Day by day, disease whittles away at her. He’s left with one choice: Steal the technology that can save her or send her off planet for treatment and never see her again. Answers to why his sister must be kept a secret—and the cure for her illness—lie within the vault.

Alone, Cardeth will lose his sister and Zero will lose his life. Together, they can fulfill their dreams and survive, even if it means risking their world and the universe to do it!

Note: Zero is unfinished, with no recent updates.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Jun 10, 2013


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Past and Future Colliding

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Aug 11, 2013: I’d intended to read the first few entries of this story in order to write my review, but before I knew it, I’d read to the end of what’s available (currently, Chapter 8, Scene 2). Some of the reasons for this is that the author has a fascinating way of combining futuristic, past, and fantastic elements and somehow making it all believably come to life.

As readers, we’re parachuted into the middle of two very different stories. One follows a man named Zero who’s being bossed around by a computer, and the other is an army officer in a time when you’d need to hitch a horse up in order to go anywhere far. Both of these people are in scenes in the middle of drastic, violent change, however, and they go on for a while without intersecting. Given the differences there, I had no idea how they’d eventually connect, but the author manages it well and believably.

I was taken with all of the characters introduced, both human and not, and enjoyed seeing the author develop them further as the story progressed. I saw a lot of talent here in simply allowing the characters to act in order to establish themselves, without a lot of back story, and I appreciated it thoroughly.

As far as some things that might be improved, the author mentions that some of the scenes are rougher than others. I agreed at some points, mostly plot jumps and story flow, but I didn’t find that it detracted from the story at all, it just made it seem fresher, to me. At any rate, I’d definitely recommend this story to fans of futuristic sci-fi and fantasy, and to anyone who has an interest in history and how it influences the future. There’s a lot in here to like, actually, so I’ll send out a general recommendation to check it out, as well.

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