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Hollow World by Jonathan Martin

A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Fire, Hope, and Miles of Open Road 

The world as they know it has ended. Anything running on gasoline has either blown up or will—very soon.

Peter and his ragtag group are traveling toward Boulder City while Graham and his band of Ancients head to White Sands. Insert the Pennyman, a quasi-mythical character, and mix well. A war is coming . . . 

Note: Hollow World contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete series

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Listed: Oct 17, 2010


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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Oct 16, 2010: The first chapter was a bit confusing. I thought we had a single protagonist on an empty street, but then someone else spoke and we had an unknown number of people wandering among the twisted wreckage. Hopefully more backstory will be provided in the next few chapters.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Wasted Productions Presents a Hollow Tale

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Oct 21, 2010: In three years of participating in the web fiction community, I have learned a few things from stories like Tales of MU, Intimate History, The Legion of Nothing, Alisiyad and others. Through articles and discussions on Novelr and Ergo Fiction, as well. There are lots of resources available to writers online, as well as writing classes in communities.

On top of that, there’s the history of literature and the local library.

Here [more . . .]

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Hollow World leaves me feeling full

By Chad Mullens, member

Nov 8, 2010: Hollow World is similar to the Stand and other apocalyptic tales, yet it has its own flavor. I immediately identified with several of the characters and appreciated the method of destruction. The cast of characters is wide ranging, and the antagonists are creepy. The Pennyman is an interesting spin that has me wanting more.

The pacing is relatively fast, and the direction is not always predictable.

The author is very good at [more . . .]

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