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Editor’s First Look – Action-Packed Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Aug 12, 2018: Terrestrial Magic follows Jordan as she and her scientific team try to document legendary animals that have begun to reappear in the world, outside of heavily protected human settlements. The author does a good job of setting her world’s information up without a lot of exposition, and sinks the reader right into some interesting action at the beginning.

The setting she uses, wilderness outside of Rome that’s peppered with ruins, is interesting in and of itself, and then we get to see some of the animals they’re there to see, and it becomes more interesting still. She also does a good job of introducing the characters on the team to us through watching their actions rather than using a lot of back-story.

The web layout is clean and conducive to reading, and the links to the next chapters are right under the last, which is what I look for in a story to keep the reading flowing down the page and onto the next one. The author also seems to have done a good job editing the story and has kept typos down to a minimum.

I’d recommend this story to anyone who likes fantasy, especially stories where creatures and things that were previously only in legends (like magic, etc.) come back into a modern world, and the complications that result.

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