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Hawk’s Legend (trilogy) by Robert Turnbull Jr.


Hawk’s Legend (Trilogy) Sci-fi/ Romance/ Action/ Adventure. More novels/Novella’s & short stories to be added in the future. Free, no cookies, all works are fully uploaded and in the Adobe.pdf format No membership needed, just drop in and read or download for personal enjoyment.

Note: Hawk’s Legend (trilogy) contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A collection of stories

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Listed: Jan 9, 2010


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Man vs. immortality, a pretty girl, and mutants

By capriox, member

Jan 9, 2010: Hawk’s Legend is a scifi trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic world where a trip outside walled cities requires guns & swords to fend of roving mutant bands. The main character is a "lone wolf" type of guy who is immortal according the story’s blurb. He seems to spend most of his time living in a desert wasteland, hunting down the zombie-like mutants that roam the place. The story takes off when he anonymously rescues a trio of other monster-hunters, and then promptly runs into the pretty girl fighter from the trio on one of his infrequent trips into one of the walled human settlements. The blurb suggests a possible romance from this, but unfortunately I didn’t stay interested in the story long enough to find out.

I’m not a huge fan of hunting man vs. mutant/zombies stories, so the plot in this story wasn’t enough to distract me from the imprecise quality of the writing. It’s written almost entirely in passive voice, with frequent use of ellipses to end sentences and paragraphs. The dialogue is also written in italics, which I found surprisingly distracting. I guess I’m too used to italics representing thoughts, dreams, & flashbacks.

The plot seems like it should have all the punch and action of a Tomb Raider video game, but the various problems I had with the writing leached all the tension out of even the gun fighting scene.

If you’re not as distracted by unconventional formatting as I am, and/or really like mutant/zombie tales, you’ll probably enjoy this story more than I did. It’s certainly worth checking out, since the whole trilogy is already completed and posted online in .pdfs – plenty of story for those of you who are desperate for new material to read 😉

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