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My Stupid Journal by Daisy Tannenbaum

Being the candid and unabridged chronicles of Miss Daisy Eudora Tannenbaum, age eleven, of Paddington, New Jersey, currently exiled in Paris, France, author of DAISY AND THE PIRATES. I’m Daisy. Maybe you know me from “DAISY & THE PIRATES.” I’m supposed to be in Sixth Grade now, but I punched some jerk at school and got expelled, so my . . .

A complete novel.
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Dreaming of Paris

By Cora, member

Aug 10, 2012: “My Stupid Journal” is the diary of Daisy Tannenbaum, a precocious eleven-year-old who, while living with her aunt and guardian in Paris, gets tangled up in an old mystery surrounding Marie Antoinette’s long lost royal diamonds. As may be clear, the plot of this twisting and turning narrative is quite intricate. Although each episode is amusing on its own (mostly because of the sly wit and sarcasm of the main character Daisy), as a long-time reader of this blog I find that it is best consumed consistently and in order.

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