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Lacking Cohesion

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Sep 19, 2008: I started reading Echoes with high hopes being a fan of science fiction and all, but was disappointed.

It begins with a clone running for his life. Exciting, right? I thought so, but then the next episode starts five years later.

That is very off putting to me. I read on to see where the author went with the story, but stopped after the eleventh episode because I just wasn’t interested enough to continue.

The writing is rough—it needs to be tightened. The plot is very scattered right now, and I felt as if too many characters were thrown at me and we weren’t properly introduced. There was a death scene that seemed very out of the way and I wondered why I needed to know or why I should even care. There are grammar issues as well.

I am given vague hints of the kind of world in which they live, but it doesn’t feel alive, it doesn’t feel real. The characters are one dimensional.

There really isn’t a reason for me to continue reading.

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