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Apex Predator by caerulex

Aliens, intergalactic space travel, mind powers, and adventure! 

Earth is a fairly small place, but it’s all Bath has. It’s the only home he’s ever known for all of his 500-or-so-million years of life. One day, Bath realized his treasured Earth was being drawn into the next mass extinction ahead of schedule. So, fascinated by the humans and their quick rise to power (after all, setting off a mass extinction is a pretty sizable achievement), what’s a nearly all-powerful, somewhat bored, morally ambiguous, savagely violent, shapeshifting alien entity to do other than assume the form of a human and do some front-line investigating? He started off with two simple goals: stop the artificial acceleration of the next mass extinction and learn about human society.

Little did Bath know he would soon stumble upon a mysterious human organization with a gate leading to planets eons away. And that’s just the beginning . . . 

Note: Apex Predator contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel

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Listed: May 7, 2017


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Not worth it

By Bobthebuilder, member

Jul 17, 2018: Aparently im a glutton for punishment, as I read about 80 chapters of this. The premise is incredibley interesting. Super powerful alien decides to conquer world to save it from humans. Begins by growing up as a human himself, and learns to deal with human emotions. Also the entire world/universe domination thing. The mechanics and scope of the abilities, creatures, and technologies the writer comes up with are pretty cool too. Some are genuinely entertaining.

The issue comes forom the sheer [more . . .]

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A Sci-Fi Epic in the making

By Zethuron, member

Jul 16, 2018: This is more a personal opinion on the story since i am not a good reviewer.

Overall this story is one of my top favorite webnovels for so many reasons, and i cant really list them all. I myself expect to read and enjoy this story for a very long time.

This is one of the most original Sci-Fi stories i have read so far, i even compare this to some of [more . . .]

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