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Interesting Time Travel, Weak Characters

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

May 20, 2015: Time travel stories are hard to get right. Often, they can get a bit overly technical. At other times, they can just devolve into a bundle of paradoxes.

Time and Tied has neither of these problems. All in all, the time travel device is pretty interesting—completely unlike anything else I’ve seen or read. I won’t give away the details, because you can read all that in the story. But if you’re looking for offbeat time travel, this series might be for you.

Unfortunately, this series does have one problem: Carrie, the cheerleader. During a moment of self-awareness, she says, "Some might consider me a bit shallow and self-centred."

Carrie, you ain’t kiddin’. There’s a bit of joy to be had in the bickering partnership that she and the other main character share. But in general she just doesn’t have much to draw me in. She describes herself as a typical teenager and she constantly complains about things. She also repeatedly hits her newfound friend, who’s two years younger than her.

I’m not saying it’s unrealistic. It just isn’t very much fun.

On top of it all, our introduction to her consists of a couple thousand words of her not being she’s traveled through time. It makes sense she’d think this way, but it’s frustrating for the character to have to figure something out that the audience is so clearly aware of. She’s playing catch up, which doesn’t make her a particularly exciting player.

Still, Taylor is an experienced serialist. As such, he has a good grasp of logic and temporal mechanics. He gives some great descriptions and his cliffhangers kept making me hit the next chapter button. So this serial is far from a waste of time.

I’d say that it’s fairly solid. With more nuanced characters, Taylor could write a dang good serial.

Edit: Sorry I forgot to give my star rating. Here it is.

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