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I See Dying People…

By TheStorymonger, author of The Firewall Saga

Apr 14, 2016: For me, Deathwatch was a delightfully refreshing discovery. Set in an intriguing fantasy world with airships, subtle magic, and diplomatic intrigue, the story stars two young military cadets whose forbidden love for each other launches them on separate journeys.

Kieron ends up on a military airship, where his condition allowing him to predict the deaths of others presents an unusual danger.

Jet is captured by slavers and sold to a powerful man who controls minds and likes to hunt other people, Most-Dangerous-Game-style. It soon becomes clear, however, that his plan for Jet isn’t hunting, but something much more disturbing.

Jones’s writing style is unique and rich, at times waxing a little Dickens-ish. The story begins a little slow, but quickly picks up pace, and the characters are interesting and likable, and only strengthen as the story deepens.

Also, the story is almost 200,000 words and growing. If you’re looking for some serious binge-reading, if you like well-written, angsty speculative fiction and airborne battles and the occasional heart-rending death scene, look no further.

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