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Keeping me reading

By C J Edwards, member

Jun 1, 2010: So far this story seems to be aimed at a younger audience that what I fall into, but after reading the first chapter I have to say I want to read the second. I need to know why Genevieve is being followed. Aside from a few very minor things the writing is very solid and like I said, I will be reading more because I need to know what happens next. As long as I need to know what happens next I will keep reading.

Some of the teacher student interaction seemed a bit much in the first chapter. Are teachers really that mean? I know it has been a while since I was in highschool but if a teacher treated my child that way we would have words. Also some of the dialogue between Gen and her friends was a little confusing and hard to follow. Sometimes dialogue would appear without any indication as to who is speaking. This can pull you out of the story a little bit, but it is a minor issue and easily fixed.

I will be interested to see how the next couple of chapters come togeather.

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