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Great Story!

By Jaws415, member

Sep 22, 2009: Children of the Apocalypse is a great read so far, it is in short a pre-apocalypse story. The story follows 3 special girls with powers and one bastard of a mentor whose job it is to save the world. The “bad guys” are mysterious and varied and not everything is what it seems.

What I like about it: The story progresses smoothly without the perspective confusion that you find in stories that follow more then one main character. The characters develop nicely and the author stays true to the characters’ characteristics, there is never a question as to why a character did what they did. The overall plot is engaging with enough sub-plots and twists that keep the story interesting. The story never seems drawn out and stale, it always feels fresh. The character’s may have special powers however the story revolves more around the characters themselves and how they interact then their wham-bam powers (wham-bam is a technical term  ). The chapter length is nice and long, no tid-bits here and there.

What I don’t care for: I would love to see this updated more frequently then once a month, but understand that, that is probably not feasible with the chapter length and the author’s other work (Curio Killed the Cat). The new 50 point system, a user must register and acquire 50 points (from commenting, donating, reviewing etc.) in order to read new chapters (old chapters are available for free until Part III Chap 8) while I can understand where the author is coming from and some of the problems they encountered, I would like to see a better way of doing this, maybe some type of yearly subscription service.

If you are looking for an engaging web-serial check this out or the author’s other works, the complete list can be found here:

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