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Mixed opinions

By AGreyWorld, author of A Grey World

Feb 9, 2013: Tales of Mu was the first web serial I started reading. When I started it the it seemed quite a fresh take on fantasy, or at least not something I’d come across before. I found world Alexandra buit interesting and I actually liked the main character and a decent proportion of the supporting characters.

What annoyed me as the years past was that I found I liked the character because I was imagining what she was going to develop into. Sadly she seemed annoyingly static when she has so many places to go. It would be fine for some stores but this one (I felt) is solely driven on the characters its very frustrating. It feels like nothing has happens in the plot for years.

However in the last year or so the author had a 6 month time-skip, which was quite refreshing and cleared out a lot of closets. The story since has improved, with a few new characters and some actual progression for the protagonist.

I’ve struggled with this serial since i first found it, I have to slog through the gratuitous and almost comical sex scenes (even if it is nice to see some BDSM its almost a parody) or risk missing something that might actually be relevant. Now I just skip them completely. The author updates sporadically, sometimes its every 4 days sometimes weeks without anything. I found myself leaving it for a year or so and dropping back in to see if anything had progressed.

I’d probably recommend it if you really couldn’t find anything and you had a lot of time to burn. I’ve found there are a lot better offerings out there.

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