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Love it, but it has room to grow.

By bunbun, member

May 23, 2015: Tales of MU was the second serial I read (after reading Worm), so it holds a special place in my heart. The beginning really pulled me in and I immediately started devouring it.

I adore the ideas and the characters behind the story and I connected on certain levels with Mack. Amaranth worried me at first; I was afraid she would just be a Mary Sue, but her character flaws quickly became evident. The character development is extremely well done, which is perhaps why the pacing suffers.

Unfortunately, as several other readers have pointed out, it gets hard to stay with. I love the scenes, but I think the plot needs to move forward a bit more to keep the reader /involved/.

Overall, this is a wonderful serial that needs a bit of work. I would definitely recommend reading it!

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