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If you like character-driven/personal development stories, this is for you!

By capriox, member

Dec 10, 2009: This story is the sequel to the Philosopher in Arms (also listed on WFG). asa kraiya can be read as a standalone, but both stories are equally great reads, so it’s worth it to go read PiA first.

I love this story. Karen has LOTS AND LOTS of writing experience, fiction and nonfiction, and it shows in the polished quality of her writing. It makes it easy to devour each post and then at the end, still be wanting more.

This story is about the personal transformation of Chevenga, the hero from PiA. For those of you who haven’t read PiA, it’s a far-future tale, but post-apocalypse technology loss means it has a "swords and horses" setting. Chevenga is the semanakraseye, the leader of the extremely democratic people of Yeola-e (motto: always, you choose). Although the position is generally inherited, he is NOT a king, despite what his foriegn peers may think. In fact, the Yeolis have a saying that the semanakraseye is the only slave in their nation, because he or she dedicates their whole life and being to serving the will of the people.

Unfortunately for Chevenga, being raised to fulfill that position, combined with the loss of his father at age seven, a vision of personal doom that he keeps secret, and all the other things that happen to him in PiA (short non-spoiler version: LOTS OF TRAUMA, physical and mental, along the way of doing huge amounts of great things for his people and the world) have left him a bit scarred in body and mind.

In asa kraiya, it’s time for Chevenga to heal.

Although there is humor, romance, sex, occasional sword-fighting, high-powered politics and a few side plots to mix things up, this is primarily a very personal story about Chevenga and his internal sea-change. If you don’t enjoy stories unless something is blowing up or there’s a big fight scene every third chapter, you might not like this. For everyone else, I can’t recommend asa kraiya (along with PiA) enough.

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