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Taylor’s Polynomials by Gregory Taylor

Math Equations - Personified.

These are the tales of one particular set of anthropomorphic personifications of mathematical relations. Where the graphs double as the character hairstyles. (Don’t worry, the art quality gradually improves over time.) Expect pop culture references and LOTS of puns and wordplay. There are series’ where the parabola gets kidnapped away from the polynomials (because isn’t Para a conic?), where . . .

A complete series.
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Blut und Rost by Tintenteufel

Diese Stadt . . . ein Sumpf von Schweiß und Sünde. Ein fauliger Ort, nass und klebrig und voller Fliegen, deren Sirren jedem den Verstand raubt. Immer schon rottet sie vor sich hin, Jahrzehnte lang unbeachtet, bis dann und wann ein Anfall von Wut und Wahnsinn sie aufpeitscht. Bis sie das Land mit Gewalt überzieht. Ihr letzter Irrsinn riss sie in Stücke. Gespalten fiel . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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DeathWatch by Catastrophe Jones

The adventures of Kieron Brody, a cadet who can see the deaths of those around him, and Jet Harrington, the best friend who keeps his secret. Join them as they plan to graduate from the Academy and become scouts together in the Allied Forces . . . and stay with them, when it all goes terribly wrong. Magic, airships, soldiers, warring nations, . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically.
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Until We Meet Again by Marmar Zakher

Ishtar and Cay are siblings searching for their brother in a post-apocalyptic Earth. After receiving a tip about a person with similar looks and abilities of their brother, they head to the capital of the city-dwellers, Kapala. There the two get separated. Cay must navigate the hidden underworld of Kapala while Ishtar is thrust into the midst of the children . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Time and Tied by Gregory Taylor

Teenagers, time travel, and destiny.

Carrie thought she was a normal Canadian teenager. Then came the time machine, and she discovered that her life – past, present and future – would never be the same again. Can she handle being tied to a destiny? Which of her friends can she trust, given how some of them have their own agendas? Most importantly, how can she . . .

A complete series.
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When the Hunting Party Came by Tree Frog Soup

Ryan and his cadre of friends are thrust into a world of capes and superpowers against their will. Will Ryan ever be able to find the normalcy he once enjoyed, or will he be swallowed up by the cape culture which he ignored? Updates frequently. . . .

A series.
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Overwatch by Taulsn

The story of a guy too dangerous to become a villain. The story of a girl who wants to rebel against her parents. The story of a girl who wants to find an old lover. The story of a healer who really can’t cut it. The story of a hero too dangerous to become one. Overwatch is a collection of . . .

A collection of stories.
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Grimm Apparatus by Kaye Del Mar

Who says pirates can’t hound you in space, science can’t flirt with magic, and dragons can’t be made of metal?

For thousands of years, stories, be they oral folklore or literary fantasies, have entertained both adults and children alike. Damsels in distress and dashing white knights, pure-hearted princes and cherished, innocent princesses, kingdoms on the brink of war, wicked dragons and tyrannical rulers, the epic heroes—all these (and more) precious elements surround what we now know as fairy tales. . . .

A collection of stories.
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The Pandoran Artifacts by Enrique Bedlam

A collection of short stories about an ancient evil that releases a collection of dark, powerful artifacts unto the world, each designed to bring about the end of humanity.

It all started with a deck of tarot cards from the world beyond given to a man to tempt humanity into their own destruction. Each story there is a new artifact, designed to twist its victim into aiding in the destruction of the world. This is a group of short stories which deal with horror, the unknown and humanities tendency . . .

A collection of stories.
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Peace Tomorrow by M. McPherson

thriller, crime, romance, action, drugs, west coast, romeo and juliet

Welcome to Veron City, a paradise by the sea. Beneath its veneer of picturesque beaches, flashy homesteads, and beautiful people lies the seedy struggle of two families at odds to use Veron’s wealth for personal gain. Lucius Imada is a romantic, a transplant from the east coast who came for the promise of perfection, only to find the path . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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God Cursed by Katsueki

It started with a girl at a masquerade. She beckoned me with her fan. Then she screamed, because she saw my fangs. My sire, Alexis, saved me from the Hunters. I rather wished he hadn’t. Better to be felled by the god Le Chasseur’s loyal Hunters than to live as a vampire. Nothing will make me believe different. Not . . .

A complete novel.
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The Zombie Knight Saga by George M. Frost

Death is coming. And he wants to help.

A young man dies, and a grim reaper offers to revive him in exchange for servitude. Responsibilities include saving other people’s lives and occasionally fighting unspeakable horrors. But this particular young man is cripplingly shy. No, seriously. He can barely even speak to people. It’s really bad. Takes place in the modern fantasy world of Eleg. . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Random Editorial Review

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A Sims 3 Mystery

By S.A. Hunter, editor, author of Stalking Shadows

Jul 26, 2010: The Valley of the Sun is a completed story told through the Sims 3. I read Alice and Kev a while back, and while both stories use images from the game for illustration, VotS is not a simple observational story. It has an author generated plot. The story begins with a reporter named Lilith being given the assignment of researching an old abandoned house that has had mysterious lights on at night. Soon people begin dying, and Lilith is the prime suspect. Someone or something seems to be invading her [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Pleasant Little Surprise

By Ziggy, member

Aug 30, 2009: Opener: When I first read the title of Skyla Dawn Cameron’s “Children of the Apocalypse” my first thought was one of dismay. I was assuming that it would be a web novel about teen saving the world and I was right. I also assumed that it wouldn’t portray the teens the way it should. While surprising – though pleasant – I was wrong. Most times when you have someone writing a teen view they focus only on the story not on the teen’s everyday dramas. Especially when the so called [more . . .]

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