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Nice Time Travel Serial

By ChrysKelly, author of Matilda Raleigh

Aug 12, 2016: I’ve read the first Book (parts 1 to 24) and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked that it can be read in several ways – you can read it straight through in book style, or you can use the anchor links to read it in a more chronological style as the main character travels through time and meets multiple incarnations of her past and future selfs.

I’d say it’s a solid read. It seems a little simplistic in the characterization at times, but as the characters are 14 and the writing isn’t complex, I reckon this is by design and it’s targeted at the younger end of the Young Adult market.

That’s not to mean adults can’t enjoy it, though. I certainly spent a fun evening reading the first book and I’m looking forward to reading the second.

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