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Running Scared by Various Authors

Read the most terrifying tales ever told, written by tomorrow’s bestselling authors. This collection of recent, popular horror stories from the Inkitt community is made up of both novel length and short original stories, including editor’s picks and contest winners. Be prepared to sleep with one eye open tonight. . . .

A continuing anthology, updated almost daily.
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SCP Wiki by Various

Secure. Contain. Protect.

A collection of “mission reports” that tell the story of the SCP Foundation, a fictional organisation that attempts to Secure evil magic, Contain villainous monsters, and Protect humanity from magical peril. . . .

An anthology.
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By linkret, member

Jul 26, 2018: I love it. There’a a great deal of really interesting and creative fiction, with many sci-fi elements. Some entries aren’t as phnomenal, but you can easilly tell by the rankings. Very easy to get lost in the vast world.

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