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By linkret, member

Jul 26, 2018: I love it. There’a a great deal of really interesting and creative fiction, with many sci-fi elements. Some entries aren’t as phnomenal, but you can easilly tell by the rankings. Very easy to get lost in the vast world.

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An Internet Institution

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Jul 25, 2018: The SCP wiki is a classic source of horror fiction presented in a clinical, academic style. It is something of an Internet fiction institution, having existed since 2008 and gone through a variety of phases. Overall, several entries within the SCP index have become beings, beasts, ideas and concepts I find myself revisiting time and time again. It’s a great little archive.

Taken as a whole, the SCP wiki is an enticing mix of various genres—mostly horror, sci-fi, dark supernatural, and so on—written by individuals and collated into a single whole. Each entry is rendered in a style reminiscent of the inner workings and bureaucracy of a vast, fictional organization: the SCP Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for securing, containing and protecting humanity (and perhaps existence as a whole) from the apocalyptic things they discover—hence the name.

Of course, being essentially crowd-sourced, the quality of the content can vary wildly. But the modern SCP Wiki is one of the better iterations of the concept, being more consistent in tone and form, and also having done away with some of the more cringe-inducing elements that the wiki had accrued over time, such as Mary Sue self-insert Professor characters and certain too-edgy-for-you entries (although, some of the joke/parody entries that came about as a result of cynicism towards that era are wonderfully inspired and, in my opinion, rank as some of the best writing on the site).

It’s difficult to talk about as a whole because this isn’t exactly a standard listing for a site like this. But overall, if you like your horror presented in a clinical style, where often you need to be prepared to think about it and consider the implications of, things that can get inside your brain, you’ll find something to love here—or, perhaps, be very, very afraid of.

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