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by Chris Poirier
January 20, 2009

This is the fourth in a series of interviews by Chris Tejeda, author of The Lifting of the Veil, with various Web Fiction Guide authors. This week, he interviews Miladysa, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls.

by Chris Tajeda:

Miladysa is the author of Refuge of Delayed Souls, a serialized supernatural mystery story.

She refused to describe herself but felt she should share with us that her husband calls her Mi’lady or Wench! He is ex-military and while he was serving overseas they kept in touch by email. When she first got into blogging and wanted to leave a comment she found you could only comment if you had a blogger account. She used her email address and Miladysa was born!

Miladysa was also quite evasive about where she lives exactly, but I managed to gather that it is somewhere in England and there are moors nearby. I believe that really narrows it.

She is a wife, mother and grandmother, but if you really what to know who she is she recommends you go here.


Chris Tejeda: Thank you for agreeing to the interview. I love what you have done with this castle. How did the idea for RoYds begin?

Miladysa: My fellow blogger Melissa from Forge Light encouraged my return to blogging after I took a long break and encouraged me to try my hand at writing fiction. RoYds started out as a short story originally called ‘Sins’, and ‘Sins’ had roots in my family history.

My husband refers to RoYds as ‘Faction’.

Miladysa: Bear with me—I am a bit reserved in real life.

Chris Tejeda: Well, you are British . . . .

Miladysa: My grandfather was on the β€˜RMS Lancastria’ during WWII when it was sunk by the Germans just off the coast of Brittany six weeks after Dunkirk. It was the worst single loss of life in British maritime history and is still classified as secret until today. No one knows just how many people lost their lives, but some estimates put the total loss at 9,000. Sir Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister at the time did not wish the news to leak out because it might be bad for morale, so he put a news black-out on it—although the story was eventually broken by the New York Times.

My grandfather survived hours in the water—shot at, breathing oil, while the survivors were picked off one by one . . . .

Six weeks after he returned home he shot my great grandmother.

Chris Tejeda: WHAT???

Miladysa: That ‘sin’ was covered up for over 60 years—today we would call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The events of the night in question are as they are written in RoYds. Add to that a family curse, the myths and legends surrounding the part of the country where I live, and an over-active imagination, and you get a story like RoYds. πŸ˜€

Chris Tejeda: “Refuge of Delayed Souls”—I love that title. How did you come up with that name?

Miladysa: I wanted a place for ghosts or ‘delayed souls’ to gather. The RoYds building actually exists. It is a former Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank and stands empty today. The architecture is amazing (I’ve just commissioned some illustrations for the site as well as a new site design so you should be able to see it soon). Every time I pass the building I found myself thinking of it as the place where the ‘delayed souls’ in the story would find refuge. The Y is the symbol for luminence.

BTW—Thanks—glad you like it.

Chris Tejeda: British lore and legend? A government secret about a ship sunk at sea 70 years ago? A real-life Murder? A family curse? I see the makings of a great story here for me. . . .  Oops . . . sorry, you are already writing it. How did you find out this family secret?

Miladysa: Whenever my grandfather was mentioned it was in hushed tones. As a child I was curious but whenever I asked I was told “children should be seen and not heard”. When I grew up I overheard someone say that there had been a shooting but I did not know who or when. Three years ago one of my uncle’s died and just before he did so he mentioned that his father had been tried for the murder of his grandmother. It had been front page news. After my uncle died I visited the local studies centre and searched through the newspaper archive—just like Elizabeth in RoYds.

Chris Tejeda: What is this β€œFamily Curse” you refer to so obliquely? (And hold on a sec, I have to turn on a light—you are scaring me.)

Miladysa: LOL

Hmmm . . . hard one this.

Chris Tejeda: You don’t need to answer if you don’t want . . . but our MILLIONS of readers will be disappointed.

Miladysa: Many generations ago in Ireland one of my female ancestors fell in love with someone who was also loved by a ‘gypsy’ and was cursed to die young, and every generation which followed her. The curse runs from mother to daughters—I am the oldest female for many generations.

I decided to take after my father’s side of the family.

Next year when I turn 50 I am having a huge costumed party with a RoYds theme.

 . . . 


Chris Tejeda: Here.

Miladysa: phew

Chris Tejeda: Just checking the windows and locks.

Miladysa: Thought I had scared you.

Chris Tejeda: Ooooh, you have. I hope the damn gypsy was worth it. . . .  Which of your characters is most like you and why? You mentioned Elizabeth’s investigation earlier. Is she based on you? How else is she like you?

Miladysa: I suppose there is a bit of me in all of them. Elizabeth is not based on me though—at least I don’t think so. LOL

Chris Tejeda: What have you discovered about yourself writing RoYds?

Miladysa: hmmm . . . .

Chris Tejeda: Honesty is key—no one will know . . . .

Miladysa: Posting RoYds online, and letting people read it, has encouraged me to think that there might—just might—be a writer inside me. Kind of made a dream more possible; one I did not realize I had.

Does that make any sense?

Chris Tejeda: Hmm. Yes . . . give me a second here . . . have something in my eye. . . . Okay . . . why the web fiction format?

Miladysa: You are going to love this! I did not know there was such a thing. I was just blogging, and my blogging friends asked me to write more, and then there were quite a lot of posts so I moved them to their own site so that new readers could find them all in one place. And then I discovered that other people were doing something similar when I came across the Web Fiction Guide.

The idea to move the posts to their own site came from a blog named ‘Decadent Tranquility’ where the writer Tree is inspired to write fiction from fractals he creates first.

Chris Tejeda: So that is how you ended up at WFG? Were you nervous about having your writing critiqued?

Miladysa: I was surfing the web one day and came across the WFG quite by chance. I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I read a couple of stories—Winter Rain and Winter’s Mercenary then blogged about them and WFG. I wanted to submit RoYds—wanted to gain some more readers—wanted some feedback—but I was terrified it would be savaged and my joy from writing destroyed.

Then Chris Poirier read my blog post, commented, and encouraged me to submit.

Chris Tejeda: Your story takes place in multiple time periods, weaving back and forth in time, mode of speaking, and locations. Very hard to do as well as you pull it off. How do you manage it?

Miladysa: Thanks πŸ˜€

I just have the story in my head—no notes—I think the theme is that the events of the past influence the present day, but we can make our own destiny.

I’m a bit of a history buff in some respects—local history—that kind of thing.

Chris Tejeda: No notes. I see. Show-off. Are you related to Chris Poirier? He’s a show-off too. Never mind, don’t answer that. What advise could you give newcomers about writing an online novel?

Miladysa: I am not one to be giving advice really. I suppose all I would say is do YOUR thing. Own your story—write it how you want to—there are no rules. I know some people think there are but I do not agree with them.

Chris Tejeda: Which book(s) are on your night-table for tonight?

Miladysa: Most of my fiction I am reading online at the moment. Offline I have just finished reading The Light Stays On by Karen Jasper—a fellow blogger and a published book which started life online! Currently reading The Last Fighting Tommy by Harry Patch and Richard Van Emden (non-fiction) and The Peaceable Kingdom by Jan de Hartog.

Chris Tejeda: Who is your favorite WFG author? I go back and forth on the value of ass-kissing. It may work—your choice as to the depths you fall to.

Miladysa: I have quite a lot of favorites for different reasons—I don’t think I can single one writer out.

Chris Tejeda: Yeah . . . nice try. But try again.

Miladysa: Can I name more than one?

Chris Tejeda: Yes, of course, spread the love around.

Miladysa: OK Currently enjoying Winter Rain, Mill Avenue Vexations, The Blessing Curse and—wait for it—TLOTV πŸ˜€

Chris Tejeda: (Quietly puts his gun away. No need to shoot his only fan.) “Why thank you,” he writes aloud.

Miladysa: (no bottom kissing intended)

Chris Tejeda: (None required . . . if you wanted to live.) Back to the questions. How do I get my very own Barguest?

Miladysa: Barguest – pray you never see one.


I live on the border of the Lancashire and Yorkshire moors and all sorts of night creatures prowl these parts.

Chris Tejeda: What one question would you ask yourself as a fan of RoYds? Would the answer surprise people? Why?

Miladysa: I can’t answer that.

Chris Tejeda: Listen, I know where you live . . . somewhere around a moor or something.

Miladysa: Okay here you go: Every location actually exists, and you know that some of the events really took place. The question is: Where does fact really end and fiction begin? ;D

Chris Tejeda: That’s cool, but . . . I need a reason for your readers to come read the interview. A true secret they can find only here. Again—I KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU.

Miladysa: OK I have something—if you Google the names of some of the characters in the story you are likely to find that someone with that name actually existed at some point in history.

Chris Tejeda: Thank you, Miladysa.

Miladysa: Thank you.

22 Responses to “An Interview with Miladysa”

  1. Chris Poirier Says:

    First comment!  Yay!

    Okay, fine, so it’s not that big of a deal — I did post the article, after all.  πŸ˜›

    Good interview — kudos to both of you.  Milaysa — I hadn’t even suspected how much real stuff you’d put in your story (well, I’d guessed some of the locations were real).  Very cool.

  2. Miladysa Says:


    I really enjoyed being interviewed and having the opportunity to talk about the story.  Seeing it appear here in the WFG is one of those moments I shall always remember.

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  3. Sonja Nitschke Says:

    A very interesting interview, Miladysa.  It encouraged me to put Refuge of Delayed Souls on my reading list.

  4. Bimbimbie Says:

    Congratulations Miladysa – I did wonder if there was a family mystery woven into RoYDS.  So glad you followed Melissa’s prompting!

  5. Melissa Says:

    This was wonderful!  I enjoyed every line and was so honored to be mentioned (blushes). πŸ™‚  You are a writer, no doubt about that, my friend, and it has been a joy to see your journey with fiction, or I should say “faction.”  Can’t wait to read more of RoYds!

  6. Miladysa Says:

    Thanks everyone πŸ˜€

  7. Eli James Says:

    Just popping by to say that I love this interview (I think Chris Tajeda gets better with every one), and that, like Sonja, I’ve put RoYds on my reading list.

    Mildaysa: you have a very, very, very interesting life. I half wish I’ve a life as interesting as yours – imagine all the good writing that would produce! Bless you. =)

  8. Miladysa Says:

    Aw . . . Thanks Eli πŸ˜€

    Chris Tejeda is an absolute star! One of the reason’s I let him live after he pointed that gun at me ;D

  9. Apocalypsenovel Says:

    The star is Miladysa. What an incredible story her life itself is.

  10. Jeevan Says:

    It was really something great knowing about you and the secret behind the story u began. Nice reading dear πŸ™‚ hug

  11. BernardL Says:

    Very cool interview, Miladysa. πŸ™‚

  12. Sarah Suleski Says:

    Fascinating (and entertaining) stuff here — RoYds has been on my to-read list (a frightening behemoth of a list) for some time now but I didn’t know many particulars about it.  Sounds really cool.  The prospect of a site redesign makes me a bit sad, though, since I think RoYds (and your personal blog) have the most beautiful and eye-catching banners I’ve seen around the web fiction block.

  13. Miladysa Says:

    Apocachris – Ta πŸ˜€

    I’m looking forward to reading your interview

    Jeevan – Hugs to you too friend and thank you πŸ˜€

    Bernard – Thanks – I LOVE “cool” LOL

    Sarah – Thank you.

    “didn’t know many particulars about it”

    I keep intending to rewrite the story synopsis – I seem to have some kind of block when it comes to ‘selling the story” πŸ™

    Thank you so much for the kind words about the headers. All in all I have at least 6 templates for Miladysa and 3 so far for RoYds (not containing the new one).  I like to change them LOL

    I hope you will like the new RoYds site design when it’s up – please do let me know what you think.  I wanted to give it greater appeal to web fiction readers.  If it’s not popular I can always change it πŸ˜€

  14. laughingwolf Says:

    good interview, milady, but then there was never any doubt πŸ˜€

    as you already know, i’m a fan of your tale . . . and we’ve been friends for a while . . . so i’m happy you’re getting the deserved attention for your work . . . namaste πŸ™‚

  15. Miladysa Says:

    You made my eyes leak Wolfie

    Namaste to you too Sir and thank you!

  16. Baino Says:

    Aww lovely interview and what a web your family weaves! Fantastic to get these accolades after so long and they’re all so well deserved.  Thanks for the link to this site too!

  17. Jannie Fusnter Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Miladysa’s RoYds for a while now (and of Miladysa personally — one very special lady,) and this interview is so super-fantastic for me to peer into another layer of her life and some of the story behind her Faction.

    Well done!  And congrats, M.

  18. Miladysa Says:

    Baino & Jannie – Thank you for your wonderful comments x

  19. Vesper Says:

    Fascinating interview! Thanks for a real treat. πŸ™‚

  20. Miladysa Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Vesper πŸ˜€

    I enjoyed it so much – I want to do it again LOL

  21. your _granddaugter101097 Says:

    I enjoyed reading the interview! How come you never told Me About this!! Haha πŸ™‚

  22. Miladysa Says:


    You clever little Miss πŸ˜€

    Pleased you enjoyed it

    “How come you never told Me About this!!”

    You don’t even know the half – Haha πŸ˜‰

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