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A Delightful Journey

By Bosco, member

Sep 26, 2008: Railroad Train to Heaven is one of the great pleasures in my life: a story that is beautifully written, funny, intelligent, endlessly surprising and often quite moving. The world of the hapless hero (Arnold Schabel) alternates between perfectly imagined scenes of the past (the story takes place in 1963, with occasional side-trips into other eras) and surreal sequences, when Arnold’s mind seems to be playing tricks on him (such as when he visits Heaven, a huge old Victorian house where the bathroom is unfortunately hard to find.) Arnold is recovering from a mental breakdown, though generally he seems like the most sane man in a crazy world. Dan Leo, the author (or to stay in character: the man who "discovered" Schnabel’s journal and is presenting it, entry by entry) clearly is having tremendous fun with his alter-ego, and Arnold’s journey promises to be a long one. If it were a printed book, I would never want it to end—the wonderful thing about this online work is that it feels as if it could go on—happily—forever.

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