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A Bad Idea by Billy Higgins Peery

Anne’s got a problem — there’s a corpse in her bedroom. Dealing with both a criminal record and a chip on her shoulder, she’s doing her best to stay out of jail. Sure, she’s making dangerous weaponry, hanging out with criminals, buying drugs, crashing weddings . . .  I forgot where I was going with this. . . .

A complete novel.
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How to Build a Career and Find Happiness During a Recession by Anonymous

A Tragi-Comic Novel of Unemployment, Underemployment, Wall Street, Main Street and other Matters that Seemed to Matter at the Time

This is a comic novel about graduating from college into a recession. It’s meant to appeal to fans of Catch-22. I’m now a professional journalist and published non-fiction author, but I wrote this novel during a period of underemployment following college graduation. I managed to get it in the door with two publishers, but both gave me the same . . .

A complete novel.
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Reading A Bad Idea is, well, a great idea

By Marn, author of Deep, Blue, Bottomless

Nov 14, 2015: The first thing that you need to know about A Bad Idea is that it’s laugh out loud funny. Unlike a lot of other superhero web serials that are out there, it mixes dark comedy in with genuine moments of tension and gravitas, and it does it well. I never felt like the humor was interfering with my ability to appreciate the less lighthearted moments in the story, or vice versa. I also really, really liked that it was able to joke about the characters’ sexualities and religions without making [more . . .]

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