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Why are you reading this? Go Read the Novel!

By WriterHubris, member

Mar 12, 2017: I actually dropped this novel when I first started it. It wasn’t the novel’s fault, something else that I was reading at the time had done a huge release of like ten chapters and I got pulled into it. I almost completely forgot about this novel even before I really gave it a chance . . . Gotta admit, I goofed when I did that.

This novel is a great piece that manages to buck a lot of cliches and tropes that are normal for stories like these. On top of that, the main character is interesting enough that being in his head doesn’t get boring. Rather it makes his reactions to the world around him all that more interesting thanks to his viewpoint on them.

Many other authors tend to make gary sue characters for these stories, and rarely does it create a character so apathetic toward what’s happening without it becoming a dark and dreary story of teen angst. But while this story SHOULD be going that way, it doesn’t. I’m actually expecting for some goth teenager to show up using a razor blade to play violin using his arms, but nope, never happens.

That’s actually good too, considering it has great portions in it that are actually funny, and would lose that dark comedy aspect if it got too serious of it’s own self.

I give this story a 5/5, and hope the author enjoys writing it as much as I and hopefully many others enjoy reading it.

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