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World Domination in Retrospect by Psycho Gecko

Psycho Gecko is not your normal punk with superpowers. He is every bit the crazy, violent, and comedic supervillain that you read about in comic books. He doesn’t want to conquer the world. He’d much rather conquer a hot dog eating contest, except he’d cheat by lacing his opponents’ wieners with ghost pepper. He wouldn’t even have the courtesy to . . .

An ongoing blogfic, with new posts twice weekly.
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Tell The Groom by Andy Cox

A romantic comedy not yet written

Andy Cox is a new English writer who specialises in funny romantic stories about unfortunate men. This latest novel “Tell The Groom” is Andy’s first created just for the Internet and will be written here over the next twelve months. Although all the characters are Andy’s own, regular readers of the blog will be able to leave comments and influence . . .

An ongoing blogfic.
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Max Holding On by Emily Stowe

Like a sitcom, only sadder.

Max Holding, a New Yorker who just passed her 30th birthday is stuck. We know this through the adventures and mishaps she shares on her blog, Max Holding On—a series of funny personal stories and wry observations about her life. Despite all her efforts, Max can’t seem to move her life forward, her talent agency is struggling, her relationships are . . .

An abandoned blogfic.
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The Hayfield Forever by Gary Rhoades and Alex Rhoades

comedy, mystery, attorneys, scam artists, poets, scholars, drunks, astronomy, insects

This is the website of a scam artist who sells what he calls Listinghumous Vanity Publishing (PVP) services to grieving families of unpublished writers and poets. He even works with a rogue group of UCLA literature professors to offer annotations. But he scams the wrong family and gets prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney. He and the UCLA . . .

An abandoned blogfic.
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Outlandish Death and Destruction

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 3, 2013: Psycho Gecko, our universe’s version, is notorious from the comments section of the popular parahuman web fiction "Worm", where he has taken the tl;dr comment to a comic art form. It all makes sense (not really 😉 ) with the reveal that in some other dimension, he is a superpowered individual himself, devoted to Chaotic Evil. This is his blog, and well, your mileage will vary, on how funny you find it. A tolerance for scatological references will help. Despite that, I will say it has its moments.

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By SELI-chan, member

May 11, 2015: When I started reading Worm, I skipped over the comments. Maybe I skimmed through them a little bit, but I was there mostly for the story. A little bit later, I stopped reading the serial because I had school. I reread it a couple months later, starting from the beginning. I had missed out on so, so much. Most of which was Psycho Gecko’s comments.

You can’t imagine my reaction when I found out about this piece of work.

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