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By the way I’m the writer

By kgy121, author of Project Shelf Life

Mar 13, 2016: I think it’s pretty good, personally. It’s starting out a bit slow, but eventually things’ll probably start happening. The story is probably a bit self-indulgent, and disjointed. Hopefully the experimental writing style works out in the end.

Table of Contents is fixed; for some reason half the links broke when WordPress fixed a bug.

Once enough time passes for the buffer to be entirely depleted (as of now) it’ll have introduced the character from whom the story is told in point of view at least seven times. Technically, all of them have detailed character pages, but there’s not a dedicated section of the site for such until they’ve had enough screen time for said character traits to become apparent. Anything otherwise would be spoilers for at least three of the concurrent plotlines.

Completely out of context thing written by not-me:

I’ll probably add additional pastebins to this if I get sent them.

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