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Not so Giant

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Jul 24, 2008: A caveat before I proceed: the authors label this story as "the first blog-novel ever published for middle-graders or teens." I write this review from the view point of a twenty-year old writer who was reading adult level books in elementary school.

Giant Girl Rampages is the blog of a girl who is almost 18 feet tall. I found the writing to be overly simple which wasn’t a surprise, given the authors’ description of Giant Girl Rampages (however, I probably would have pegged this for kids younger than middle school instead of middle-graders or teens).

What I found to be disappointing was the weakness of the story. I don’t much care for Milly and the way she punctuates her blog. After the first triple exclamation point (!!!) I wanted to exit the browser and read something that wasn’t saccharine on its own sugar rush.

There were a couple of loopholes in the story—how could she milk a cow with her huge, giant hands? How could she subsist mostly on milk and eggs in the spring? I think a girl that big would need a good deal more to survive.

The 15 year old voice of the narrator seems too forced, too simplistic to me—more of a show than the real deal.

The majority of the adults in the story are two dimensional—the typical, senseless adults that are projected in kid movies/stories. Many times, I found that their actions served only to make us more inclined to feel sorry for Milly or to take her side (however, as the story proceeds, this could change).

I simply had trouble to take the story seriously—and I assume that was the authors’ intent, since it’s supposed to be the real life blog of a giant girl.

Again, I’m probably not the greatest person to review this. I read this story with no expectations and I wasn’t surprised.

My husband seemed to like it though. 😉

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