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The Blog Is the Tip of the Iceberg

By ericinwisconsin, member

Nov 22, 2012: Unlike Gavin WIlliams, fictional blogs are my cup of meat, and I’ve been reading this one for awhile. Not perfect, but enjoyable.

The blog is mostly designed to get you interested in the books. To be honest, I haven’t bought those books and I probably won’t, but that’s just fine with me. The blog has a lot to recommend it.

Lacy and Thea are known as "The Fabulous Cornwall Sisters" and they do most of the blogging. Well, one Teri Cross Chetwood does the actual blogging, but the characters are the main focus. Their antics can be fairly amusing, but as I said, it would have to be your personal preference. The humor is a bit broad, so if that’s not your thing, look elsewhere. It’s pretty politically incorrect too, as exemplified by a character called "Alice The Eskimo". Alice is kind of the "Reverend Jim" character, so while she’s not an offensive stereotype of an Inuit person, she is pretty wacky.

The topless dancers in this blog are pretty multi-cultural, too. There’s a tall Black woman called "Shadowcat", a very short Filipina called "Li’l Bit", an Hispanic lady called "Freaky Frieda", and a British woman who is called "Bianca". (While Bianca’s name sounds perfectly normal, it’s pointed out that her REAL name is "Henrietta Pigeon". With a name like that, I’d prefer "Bianca" too!)

The blog points out something that I never thought about before: Strippers don’t use their real names, so all of the strippers here use their "dancer names". They all call Lacy "Gretchen", so that can confuse you when you read the posts sometimes.

The comedy is at its most slapstick when the dancers are in the posts, as they usually all end up in a four-way cat fight. Lacy and Thea are the real stars of the blog, though.

I managed to find Teri Cross Chetwood’s (TCC) account on, and I’d kind of recommend following her there instead. While the blog is almost exclusively comedy (aside from a nice little drama piece called "One For Bianca"), the Booksie stuff by TCC has a much broader range. She does a lot with these characters besides comedy, including character pieces, erotica, and even some pretty good novels. The characters are far less slapstick there.

I especially liked her novel "The House With The Frowning Fencepost" which deals with Lacy and Thea’s attempt to reconcile with their parents. That’s complete and quite enjoyable on Booksie. It’s not a comedy at all, but a pretty serious story, dealing with romance, action, and even a dead aunt who won’t stay dead. (That’s not as macabre as it sounds. The aunt shows up in Lacy’s dreams as a kind of Deux Ex Machina.) TCC also has a work-in-progress called "You Can’t Dry Your Eyes On A Tissue Of Lies". (If nothing else, I love her titles!) That one kind of leaves me cold, but it’s dealing with issues that don’t interest me, including a transsexual trying find her identity.

Overall I like TCC’s work. It covers just about every genre you can imagine. As I said, it’s not perfect, but after reading some really bad fanfic, it’s nice to cleanse your palette with a story by someone who can at least spell and use grammar and punctuation properly.

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