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Timely Anachronisms

By Chris George, author of Shadow

Aug 24, 2011: The premise of Stefan Gagne’s Anachronauts is a fairly simple one: the worlds of faerie magic and conventional reality have merged and the anachronistic details hinted at in the title are everywhere – magic versus guns, forest nymphs versus heavy plant vehicles, wtiches versus the successors to the U.S. Army. To complicate things just a little more there’s a super-advanced alien race watching from above, whose technology seems to have the unfortunate habit of falling into the wrong hands.

It is indeed a simple premise, but it leads to a lot of complexity in terms of conflict, both global and character and in world-building and the trio of lead characters – representing each of these three concepts, but also being compromised in some way by one of the others – are individual, likable and, collectively, recipe for wild adventure.

The result is something which strikes me, at least, as being quite original, and its execution is exciting, funny and charming, with plenty of room for a dash of intrigue on the side. Aside from the occasional typo which the author has missed, Anachronauts is also well-written and has a narrative voice which is instantly recognisable and welcoming.

If you like the idea of sci-fi, fantasy and conventional warfare mixed together, if you like your adventure a little on the zany side and if you like diverse characters and plenty of humour, then you’ll like Anachronauts.

P.S. You may also like to know that three complete novels have been finished in the series already, with a foruth well on its way, so those concerned by unfinished problems can have some reassurance that this will not be the case!

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