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Unknown Transmission by Steve Scearce

A communications specialist in the year 2185 is marooned in deep space by his ship’s assistant (a transgenic fish/humanoid). Stranded just outside the horizon of a supermassive black hole, he begins to send messages back to record his actions and observations. A radio astronomer in present-day Antarctica is listening. Something terrible is about to happen. . . .

A blogfic, with no recent updates.
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Bad Influences by Emma Pooka

Bad Influences concerns the devastating spread of a fatal pandemic flu virus. The story is set exactly thirteen years from now – the posts and comments will go up in real time, on the same dates and at the same moments that the characters will post them in 2026. The story is told simultaneously from the viewpoint of four major . . .

A complete blogfic.
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The Union Creek Journal by Toby Asplin

David Johnson thought he was prepared to survive, but there are some things for which one simply cannot prepare.

The Union Creek Journal is a serialized fictional work about survival. The journal chronicles the struggles of the Johnson family to survive after a global economic crash in 2014 reduces the United States to 19th Century living. The Johnsons prepared, but survival is still difficult – physically and emotionally. Follow The Journal for almost-daily updates to the story of . . .

A complete blogfic.
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Random Editorial Review

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Subtle, clever, thoughtful, and surprising

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Feb 27, 2013: This is a true blogfic, not a first person narrative thinly disguised as a blog. The experience is more like watching a play than reading a novel. The stage is set by the four blogger’s pages, giving us an impression of each character before a word is read. Mei, the artist, has put up one of her beautiful watercolours of rooftops seen from her university dorm in Beijing. Jack, cartoonist, gamer, and American farmboy, has a comic with zombies eating cauliflowers. English-Iranian Ash, nurse and aspiring permaculturalist, is [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Credible science, personality development, and just like a real pandemic

By SgL, author of Tales of the Big Bad Wolf - Queen of Swans

Feb 14, 2013: Please note: This is a work still serializing. I have read everything in the archive thus far up to "Virtual Valentine – February 14, 2026" which is coincidentally the date of this review.

I decided to wait a few weeks to review this piece of fiction. In particular I wanted to make sure the author had a chance to post more installments and that I also understood the intent of the author before I [more . . .]

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