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das orbit by leo vladimirsky

space sucks... stay home

The life and times of a disgruntled janitor on a poorly run space station, das orbit is a satire/indulgence of classic science fiction themes. . . .

An ongoing blogfic, with new posts sporadically.
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A blogfic done right.

By TheChivalrousRogue, author of Skyborne

Jan 4, 2014: "Das Orbit" is unique, realistic, fits well into the blogfic motif, and is generally quite amusing.

Unique and Realistic – Angryspaceman has the awesomely sarcastic humor and nihilistic personality that a space janitor stuck on a station would have. It’s a polar opposite to the stereotypical idealistic ‘star trek’ approach to science fiction. I got the sense that while ‘Captain Spacef***’ believes he’s saving the galaxy and banging hot alien chicks, the enlisted ranks putter on with the daily realities of [more . . .]

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