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The Sick Land by Jon Hills

The blog of Alex Case, a researcher at a remote station on the outskirts of The Sick Land. The Sick Land is different to the rest of the world. Machinery breaks down, living creatures change. People can’t survive there for long. Not as they are. The Sick Land is a cosmic horror story. . . .

A complete blogfic.
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The London Archaeologist by Rupert Waldron

The credit crunch building slump has caused the number of London archaeological sites to dry up, leaving time on the Archaeologist’s hands to start to notice unsuspected things in the world around him. There are people, groups of people, beings of some sort, living among the general populace, but with something different about them: are they some sort of deity? . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Life as an Electron by e-

I lead a charged life, and from my perspective, getting there is all of the fun. As nice as it is to hang out in a p-shell with a few of my friends, I get bored after I've counted the Protons and the Neutrons.

Follow e- the free Electron. Look at the world from a new perspective. Solve the puzzle and follow the clues to discover the travels of e- through your picoverse. Life as an Electron, the seminal member of the Coffee Break Blog stable, offers the Science Minded, budding Experimenters and Educators the ability to participate in the adventures of e- . . .

An abandoned blogfic.
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Treasured Vulva by R.E. Greene

Treasured Vulva tells the story of an unnamed man who lives with a woman. He keeps a secret online journal where he writes weekly about his life including his dreams, abuses, and habits. Dark and oddly offbeat, Treasured Vulva is teeming with themes and stirs questions about the nature of devotion, pain, love, and reality. . . .

An abandoned blogfic.
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Creepy and Compelling

By David Demchuk, editor

Aug 27, 2013: After seeing Billy Higgins’s review, I thought I would check out The Sick Land for myself—and his comments are spot on. The first entry in researcher Alan Case’s blog is so unpromising as to be amusing, but it’s not long before the shocks are coming thick and fast as Case’s fellow scientists become overwhelmed by the biological/supernatural blight that infects the area outside their research station.

Though there are fleeting allusions to classics like Solaris, The Thing and the stories of [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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The Horror!

By Emma, author of Sin Eater

Jun 30, 2015: The Sick Land is a story that grips you, and doesn’t let go until the end. It creeps you out to the point you don’t want to click the "next chapter" button, but you do anyways out of morbid curiosity. And then you regret it. Not because it’s bad, but because the next chapter is even creepier than the first.

And that is what makes The Sick Land great horror. It makes you want to turn in fear, but you’re so [more . . .]

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