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Reject Hero by Farmerbob1

What happens when they won't let you be a hero? 

Reject Hero is the story of a middle-aged man who acquires powers and abilities beyond those of normal men, becoming part of the superhuman community. He wants to be a hero, but his peculiar powers are not exactly hero material. The heroes don’t want him on their side, not after he activates his powers near them in a fight. Everyone hates him when he uses his powers, even villains. Civilians hate his alter ego so much, they forced a name on him that he can’t escape. This is the story of the super-person, ‘Strangest’

Note: Reject Hero contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jun 26, 2014

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A Word on Cake

By Syphax, author of Stone Burners

Oct 3, 2014: To me, a story is like a cake. If you mix together flour, sugar, eggs, and so on together, you get the cake itself. Combine plot, prose, and characters, and you get a story. How tasty the cake/story is depends on the quality of the ingredients and how well you put them together. But a cake alone without frosting is boring, just as a story with its aforementioned plot and characters interacting in an empty void is boring. A story needs a good amount of exposition and world building to [more . . .]

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Not just a superhero novel

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Jan 6, 2015: So, this was a pretty good story. I really liked the relationship you see between the main character and his wife – I haven’t seen a married protagonist who’s spouse wasn’t killed off to provide ‘motivation’ often enough, and I really liked how they supported each other throughout the story.

But that’s just a little thing that stuck with me. The rest of the story is much broader than just that. It’s a solid superhero yarn – until it turns into [more . . .]

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It’s off to a good start

By Oniwasabi, author of The Monster They Deserve

Jun 27, 2014: It’s 14 chapters into the ‘prologue’ segment of the story so far (at the time of this review at least) and the story seems promising. The characters that we’ve interacted with for more than a couple lines of descriptive text all have unique personalities (I personally like the super villain’s dialogue so far, the cross between evil overlord and businessman approach has been done before but there’s a reason for that, and it’s well done in this story) and the interactions between those characters are pretty believable (important because interpersonal [more . . .]

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