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A Paradox of Structure

By Loribeth215, author of The Daughters of Warring

Feb 17, 2010: Starwalker is an engaging concept—-an AI of a computer telling the story of not only the ship, but her crew.

As a reader,I find Starwalker intriguing for two reasons: she’s a perfect omnipotent narrartor, seeing into the shadows and reading into the things that go on around (and literally inside) of her. She has presence, but very little ability to affect what she sees.

In the opening chapter, Starwalker struggles to conceptualize herself—warp drives, engines, stores of water. And like any female her thoughts soon turn to what her ship looks like from the outside: " Am I sleek or stubby? Aerodynamic or chunky? I can’t tell."

Starwalker apparently has a personality to go along with her intelligence. You’ll have to read the story to find out what heppens next . . . .

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