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Good start

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Sep 29, 2008: I wasn’t sure if I’d like Eikasia. In some ways, I’m still not sure partially because the story is still just beginning.

However, the story starts out solidly enough. We are introduced to Nyx, a shape shifter (always fun). I don’t necessarily agree with why she is stealing, but over all she is a sympathetic character without it feeling forced with the "take pity on me syndrome" so many stories have.

She then meets Elmiryn, who saves her life. I think that Nyx could have been a little more grateful about it, but perhaps it was just her feline nature (you know those cats, terribly ungrateful creatures).

As with most fantasy, there is a quest involved but it doesn’t involve saving the world from the Big Bad (well so far at least) so bonus points for that.

The writing is mostly solid. Sometimes it gets a bit too mythic and grand for its own good with an overuse of adverbs, but that is forgivable.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and, since it’s still updating and still "young", this review is subject to change.

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