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Bard’s Log by J.Y.H. Zhu

[Basic Accounting and Records Device - Status: ONLINE]

A colonization mission has gone awry. The away team at PEATS (Proxima Environment & Atmosphere Terraforming Station PEATS) has been engulfed by a planetwide barrier. When the barrier vanished five days later, the SAS Hughes in orbit was suddenly struck by a surface-to-space laser-cannon. The survivors aboard the SAS Göttfried and SAS Protecteur learned that time had been accelerated on . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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The Me Clone by Gene Keyes

How would you like a clone of yourself? Mind; memory; ego; everything: a complete spare copy. Sounds like fun; but there might be complications as well. You are Donald North, 46; obscure part-time history prof. An old Harvard classmate, now a bio-tech celebrity, makes an offhand offer at a party to clone you double-quick. It’s a put-on, so you . . .

A complete novel.
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can a story be overintellectualized?

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jul 8, 2009: This should be an interesting topic for a story. Maybe the over explanation of the concept in the prologue was a warning sign. The author has clearly thought this out carefully, but, as a result, may have overintellectualized it at the expense of story elements.

Technically, there’s nothing to reproach in terms of sentence structure, grammar, etc, but, in the end, the story didn’t hold my interest. After some initial disbelief and surprise, life as a cloned pair for Donald North [more . . .]

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