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Joined: Sep 24, 2008

I'm married, live in NYC, and on my site write serial fiction with a post about once a week. The serial's called for now, "James Bond & the Girls of Woodstock," and is about a actor who plays (a fictional) James Bond and has an estate near Woodstock. Brooke, a girl who babysits his young children, upsets everything he's ever known. The story alternates from his and her point of view. It includes several characters, intertwining plots, and even scenes from a fiction James Bond movie, "Readiness Is All." Each episode in 1000 words (sometimes less) & includes a picture. On the site, it's listed as "Work-in-Progress" Earlier, I wrote a blog called Diary of a Heretic, which Web Fiction Guide generously reviewed. I wrote several serials on that blog, but the main one, "Diary of a Heretic," is now on Kindle and available as a paperback. Another serial from that blog is on Kindle as a novella, "Underground Nest." The site's "blog section" includes quotes from my books, sneak peaks at the novel I'm currently trying to publish, ideas about writing, and other miscellenea, not all of it fiction. Web Fiction Guide reviewed a series of Flash Fictions on my site, stories of 500 words. I keep planning to write more. Fiction writing fills me with adrenaline and because nobody lives underneath us, I often jump rope afterwards to calm down. My husband took a phone video of me practicing arm cross-overs, but may never get around to finishing his vision of it. For fun I posted a 17 second example on Youtube when his phone mysteriously flipped into slow-mo function.

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