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Joined: Jun 30, 2008

I enjoy many different kinds of writing. In terms of genre, I've enjoyed high fantasy, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, horror, hard science fiction, alternate histories as well as fiction that doesn't include anything supernatural.

In terms of the actual writing, I look for believable characterization, a plot that makes sense, a writing style that doesn't knock me out of the story, and a well thought out world.

That being said, while all of those things are important, I am better qualified to criticize some of those than others. I am trained as a programmer, a sociologist, and in religion (particularly in theology and the culture of the ancient world). I tend to think in systems and working out the details of those systems.

Thus I'm particularly oriented toward looking at the plot of a story, whether or not the world seems plausible, historical details, and to some degree the details of combat. That does not mean that I regard writing style and characterization as less important, but it does mean that the others are my strongest points.

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