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No Sparkling — Guaranteed.

By eikasia, author of Akumu Love Panic!

Aug 27, 2009: The following review will go as follows: First I’ll cover the story’s website and the features it offers. Then I’ll give a very brief rundown of 13 Bullets, my first impressions, overall story comments, and the final verdict. So here we go . . . 


13 Bullets is published on David Wellington’s domain, which houses all of his other serials as well, none of which are listed at Web Fiction Guide. The "title page" of 13 Bullets features a really well done trailer, which I’m assuming was done for promotion when the story was published in book format. If you’d prefer reading a hard copy of 13 Bullets, David Wellington links to the places where the complete book can be purchased online.

A quick add feature for Google home page is on the site, which can also be used to add the story to Google Reader instead. XML feed is available as well.

There’s a great smattering of links on the right sidebar that, while listing relevant and interesting sites, sometimes serves as a distraction, and some of the links have even gone dead. Wellington also links to his official fan forum and other web serials. I’ve begun reading "Frostbite", his werewolf story. (by the by, it’s pretty good so far)


Laura Caxton is an ordinary state trooper. She believes in the work she does, and works hard to earn the approval of her superiors. One night, during a routine sobriety check, a driver rolls up, then veers around in an attempt to avoid troopers. Officers chase the driver down, and it becomes a foot chase that leads into the woods. The culprit gets away, leaving three mangled corpses in his trunk. It’s what’s found discarded in the woods, however, that leads the troopers to call in the Feds. Jameson Arkeley, reputed vampire hunter, comes onto the scene. What follows next is an incredible adventure, as Caxton and Arkeley fight to kill off the vampires in Pennsylvania before they succeed in their terrifying goal . . . reviving the blood thirsty Justinia Malvern—the only government protected vampire, once thought to be the last.


13 Bullets hits the ground running. The first three chapters, the only ones told from the point of view of Jameson Arkeley, is filled with action and death. David Wellington’s vampires are not fluffy cute, nor are they devilishly sexy. They are true monsters—horrific, powerful, and completely alien. While the first three chapters cannot speak for the story as a whole, it gives the reader a good idea of the sort of action to expect, and just how repulsive the vampires of 13 Bullets are. You’ll be cheering Arkeley on as he fights for his life against the creature known as Lares.


The best part about 13 Bullets is that it doesn’t end there. If the entire story was like the first three chapters—it would’ve been boring. But David Wellington knows how to make well rounded characters. Characters that envoke sympathy, anger, humor, and sadness. He knows, and loves, Pennsylvania—the nature, the history, the local color. There are quiet moments in 13 Bullets, lulls between the action, where you wonder when it is that Laura will finally snap. When Arkeley, her driven and unsympathetic partner, is finally going to go too far. Amid your disgust, you admire Wellington’s unique take on vampires, something he manages to do without turning his back completely on the legends and old stories. But I confess that as far as vampires go, I do not know much. Perhaps this sort of thing has been done before. Perhaps . . . but I don’t care. This much I know . . . 13 Bullets is a riveting, horrifying adventure tale that I could not put down.


When I started reading this story, it seemed to be on a dare. It boasted unflinching violence and none of the aristocratic sexiness that so many vampire stories are infected with. Being one of the many out there tired of the "Anne Rice’s" and "Stephanie Meyer’s" that flood the market, I approached the story guarded, prepared to pull up something better to do with my time instead.

60 Chapters later, I’m looking at my bank account ready to buy the next adventure by Wellington. He has done what I didn’t think possible . . . 

He made me like a vampire story.

Recommended for those who like classic, merciless horror and adventure tales.

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