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Alecia will steal your heart. Prysim will steal your wallet.

By AntonShine, author of Contrarion

Sep 16, 2016: This is my first review, so forgive me if it’s not very good. Or long.

How to sum up this story? Alecia, a young woman, is the smartest girl on the planet. What does such a bright girl to do keep herself busy? Why, run around as one of the world’s most dangerous supervillains! As Prysim, she’s on the whole world’s watchlist. Think Iron Man with more money, fewer scruples, and a pair of super-powered homosexual friends/lackeys/clients.

The character is entrancing. She’s smart enough to be a total sociopath, but forces herself to maintain enough social connections to keep herself sane. She’s a self-aware villain who’s not above poking fun at her own actions, knowing the flaws in the very actions she’s about to carry out.

The supporting cast are fleshed out past simple labels. From her family, powerful superheroes firmly on the side of good, to her love/hate relationship with fairies who live on a floating island castle, you genuinely want to know what’s going on with these people.

The pacing is erratic, but you can get the hang of it after a bit. If anything, it made me read the story again once I had completed it to see everything from a better perspective. I’ve read it . . . 5 times now? Maybe 6. I don’t keep track.

Highly reccommended. If you read only one story about a girl sending her mother photoshopped porn of herself in flagrante delicto with a horse, read this one.

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