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Juryokine by Adam Bolander

For three months, Gravity Storms have been tearing Yasmik apart and neither the humans nor their winged neighbors, the Sorakines, are safe from them. One hotheaded young Sorakine named Zashiel is convinced that the Storms are being caused deliberately, but she’s unable to find evidence to back up her claims. She chooses Toke, a budding inventor studying under the most . . .

A complete novel.
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The Extraordinary Adventures of the Alpha Six by SKIIW

Welcome to a new world of wonders and magic.

‘The Extraordinary Adventures of the Alpha Six’ is a coming of age fantasy action-adventure web serial that follows six adept and ambitious youths: Evie, Roman, Theo, Lana, Liam and Alvin, as they work for a classified government program that investigates strange cases from homicides and heists to ones beyond the scope of human understanding. ‘Alpha Incorporated’ is the first . . .

A complete series.
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Human or Sorakine, Adventure All The Same

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Dec 27, 2018: As I’ve said before, young adult adventure stories can be hard to write.

There’s a delicate balance between the familiar and the innovative, and often times I see a lot of these stories try to juggle between being super original yet mainstream enough to succeed.

The thing is, those things don’t matter so much in the end. What truly matters, is good writing, good characters, a good narrative, and most of all, [more . . .]

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