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Random Editorial Review

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Revisited Fairy Tales

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 4, 2013: One of the things I like about the crop of stories and films retooling old fairy tales is that they seem to honor (in a modern way) one of the things that the old tales usually attempt – to make a point to the reader. This is something that myths excel at, but usually there are ‘morals’ that fairy tales are trying to communicate, as well, and it makes me happy seeing modern people continually finding new meanings in these old tales.

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Random Member Review

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Disney on text

By Sten Düring, author of Frays in the Weave

May 25, 2015: Reading Fooled is a little like reading a Disney animation. There is a wry humour that is pleasant to read. The English used is good with very few errors.

And there are pictures. Absolutely adorable Disney cartoons. Those alone earned the story half a star.

Fooled is also heavy on exposition, and not always in a good way. While one chunk of description is almost never tiring in itself, chaining them together [more . . .]

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