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The Trials of Becoming a YouTuber

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 22, 2018: Beneath Her Makeup is a funny, slice-of-life look at a young woman, Desiree, who upon getting fired from a high-powered accounting job, takes the opportunity to follow her passion – beauty vlogging.

I thought the author’s use of first person was well chosen for the story, and it made the tales of Desiree’s scrambles to set up her channel on a shoestring, and the sometimes disastrous attempts at collaboration with others, to feel as if I was really there, an immediacy that makes sense when relaying the story of a vlogger.

The author also makes good use of humor, and the way the story chronicles Desiree’s trials and victories is funny in a natural way. I also liked the gradual way the author introduces Desiree’s friends and family, and the way they work themselves into the tale of Desiree’s growing fame online.

This work is hosted on Wattpad, and the author has done a nice job of using that platform, with graphics beginning and ending chapters in an appropriate way. The story itself is well edited, and flows in a way that makes a reader want to read on to see what happens with the next ups and downs our protagonist is going through.

If you are a fan of slice-of-life stories, or stories having humorous and romantic plotlines, I think you will appreciate Beneath Her Makeup, and I can definitely recommend it to you.

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