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Random Editorial Review

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The good writing continues

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Nov 23, 2013: Bron and Calea’s adventures continue (from The Select’s Bodyguard), and I was kind of amazed this sequel is written by a different author (from The Children of the Wells writing team) and yet they are so seamlessly the same characters. It wasn’t like reading another writer’s interpretation of them – it was, hello again, Bron and Calea.

This novel has a new character, Nyasha, who plays off the initial two in interesting ways. In contrast to these two intense, serious characters, [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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A coming of age story for fae beings

By MJones, member

Feb 25, 2010: Addergoole was one of the first weblit series I sunk my brain into, and it has been a wonderful ride ever since. With an eerie mixture of fae folklore and dark sexuality, Addergoole is like a dark version of Harry Potter for grown-ups, the story comprised of its monsters instead of its wizards.

The story has a large scope, with a vast array of characters, but the focus on a few helps bring the story into coherence. There are a few [more . . .]

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