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This one speaks to me.

By BFuniv, member

Jan 16, 2010: This book is about young hackers fighting when tyranny passes the tipping point in their neighborhood.

What is striking is what Stephen King in his book On Writing refers to as the most important part of fiction – the truth. These characters are real, their situations ring with historicity and valid experience. I don’t need to suspend disbelief, I can believe.

I programed using punchcards in college, on mainframes that took up several floors of huge buildings. I played with the first personal computers, like the TRS model 1 that stored data on a normal cassette deck. I used early apple, heathkit, Adam, commodore PCs – before they were called PCs. The point is —I know the kids in this story.

In college i made a fateful choice. I would be a business man because I could control my future. I had too many friends that wrote code and lived in parallel with their machines – eschewing a broader life. I chose to be a generalist.

It is too late for regrets. While I don’t code anymore – I can write Squidoo pages and online fiction. While Little Brother is our apparent future, we are in position to influence what happens. We can still make a difference. You can change things in your own way.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has." cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead

This story should be entertaining to anyone, but to those with an ambition to accomplish rather than live from whim to whim, Little Brother can be absorbing.

Do you want to help determine your future?

Hackers and writers—fire up your keyboards.

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